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  1. rumon777

    I-140 premium process

    hey...I went through premium process and got my approval within 5 days.
  2. Thanks Man!!! But do you know when is the best time to change my current employer?I mean after two months or six months....
  3. hi, My I485 USCIS notice date: 01/03/2013. My I485 approve date: 03/04/2013. So,when can I change my current employer legally? Response please. Thanks
  4. rumon777

    I-485 Vaccination....

    Unfortunately some illiterate and fake resume people from India(country belongs to Illinois_Dude) already broke the US immigration system.And now they are asking so many things....non sense!!!!
  5. rumon777

    I-485 Vaccination....

    Thanks Belle for your suggestion.I am trying to get insurance for her. Thanks Shandan.
  6. Hi My wife doesn't have health insurance and need vaccination. Please tell me where can I do it with less cost. Vaccination required: Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids Pertussis,Haemophilus influenzae type B Hepatitis B Any Suggestion please. Thanks
  7. rumon777

    I-485 document checklist

    Thanks a lot....@Shandan and @Belle.
  8. rumon777

    140 pending and 485 concurrently

    Thanks Belle...:)
  9. hi, Can anyone verify checklist of I485. Am I missing any Items? I am planing to file I-485 next month.Thanks in advance. Primary Applicant: Form I-485 Form G-325A, Biographic Information Sheet, Approval notice for I-140 or receipt of a pending I-140; Form I-693, Medical Examination Form G-28, if you have an attorney representing your case; Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (EAD), optional Form I-131, Application for Travel Document (Advance Parole - AP), optional Passport photos, 2"x2" full face color frontal view Birth certificate Passport pages with non-immigrant visas Employment verification letter from sponsoring employer, on a company letterhead, stating your salary, position and the job is still available Tax returns for the previous two years; W-2 forms for the previous two years; Recent pay stubs; OPT CARD All I-94 cards used to enter the US; All I-20 and I-797 forms, For Spouse: Form I-485 Marraige Certificate Birth Certificate I-94 Form I-693, Medical Examination Passport photos, 2"x2" full face color frontal view Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (EAD), optional (not sure) Form I-131, Application for Travel Document (Advance Parole - AP), optional (not sure) source: http://********************.php
  10. rumon777

    I-140 form signature....urgent

    I want to file my I-140 in premium.So do I need to sign Form I-140? Or else my employer only need to sign From 140. I already signed in my perm ETA 9089 form. Please response me.....
  11. hi My I 140 case is pending and my PD is current from NOV.So can I apply I140/485 concurrently in NOV with the pending receipt of I-140.And what is the impact of my I485 fees if my I140 rejects?(concurrently application).Any advice? thanks
  12. rumon777

    I-485 medical

    Thanks a lot:)
  13. rumon777

    I-485 medical

    hi My GC-Perm location or Employer location in Texax and I am working/living in MA(Client side). So can I do my Medical in MA without doing in TX. Thanks
  14. rumon777

    I-140 premium process

    hi, My perm got approve last week and now my PD is current.I want to file I-140 in premium so that I can apply I-485 quickly.My employer(desi consultant) is not agree to file in premium though I want to bear cost for premium process. is there any chance of rejection if I file I-140 in premium instead of regular? Any response would be appreciable. thanks