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    EAD vs. H1B and Related Issues

    Hi, Currently Me and my wife both are in different H1B(valid till 12/31/2016). We recently got EAD/AP based on EB1. Priority date for EB1 changed back to 2010. Now should we apply for H1B renewal or stay in EAD? Will there be any RFE for I-485 approval? Thanks, VJ.
  2. I have H1B under IT consultancy with priority date June 2011. As per the Oct 2015 visa bulletin news, I am now eligible to apply for I -485. My wife has a PhD degree and is currently in a separate H1B sponsored by a non-profit organization. She is planning to apply for I-140 under EB1-alien of Extraordinary ability by the end of this month filing herself. Her files are not even sent to USCIS as per her employer. I have following questions and concerns regarding our case. 1. Can I apply I-485 for my wife along with me now? or just for me? 2. Can my wife apply for I-140 after filing I-485 along with me? 3. What happens if we apply change for status for her now? Does she need to use EAD or can she continue on H1B? 4. She will apply her I-140(EB1) by the end of this month and once it is approved can I apply for I-485 with her? In that case what happens to my current I-485? 5. If for some reason her I-140 wasn't approved, can she apply for adjustment of status later on my I-485? 6.Can Interfiling possible on our case?
  3. Hi, Based on Oct 2015 visa bulletin I am(primary) eligible to apply for I485 on oct 2015. My wife as primary is also applied her EB1 national interest waiver recently and I140 will get approved soon. Can we both apply for I 485 with me as primary for my I-485 and my wife as primary for her I-485? what are all the best option to proceed or will there be any issue by filing two i 485. Thanks, VJ.