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  1. Ricky27

    Priority date current, but out of country

    your Q: Is the consular processing based on Filing date or Final Action date? Answer: Can take both
  2. Ricky27

    Travel on H1B visa with 6 months left on the visa

    You wont get new US Visa. You will get new i94 for next 6months.
  3. Hi, 1) I have an INDIAN Passport and have a valid H1B US visa for next 1 year till July 2020. I am planning to visit India in Dec 2019. If i take British Air(flight) which makes a stopover in London(LHR); Do i need to have UK transit Visa? 2) If i still need UK Transit Visa, can i apply at London Airport (LHR) or i should take it while in US?
  4. Ricky27

    My H1 Approved without I 94

    Hi, No need to cross US . You can submit i539 form via your employer / attorney.
  5. Ricky27

    How to get i94 extension

    Oh ok Thanks Cathcgul. I am in Dallas Tx. I was also told that i can submit a i539 form via my attorney.. is that right?
  6. Ricky27

    My H1 Approved without I 94

    Hi, No need to leave US. You goto the nearest US immig office and they will give you a new i-94.
  7. Ricky27

    How to get i94 extension

    Hi, I travelled back to USA from INDIA in Jan 2018 after getting my US Visa till July 2020. When i landed in US, my i-94 was issued till Aug 2018 because my Indian passport expires in Aug 2018. Once i renew my INDIAN passport, how can i get my i-94 extended? Should i step out of US & come back? Thanks
  8. Ricky27

    Lost job on H1B+EAD+AP, would like GC process to continue

    Hi, Forget H1B. Now you can switch over to use EAD isn't it?
  9. Hi, I am on H1B. I have my i140 approved long back with Priority Date(PD) in 2010. Now i have an offer for full time job. If my PD dates become current can i file for next stage(AOS) by filling some form j ***. What i heard about that new law passed on Jan 17 2017 is that we don't need to file any new labor & i140 again with new employer again. How far is this true? Whats is that form J? Awaiting your response. Thanks
  10. Ricky27

    Approved I140 and planning to quit job

    Hi, You can use your i140 to file for extension beyond 6 years. Idle man is the devils workshop my friend :-)
  11. Hi, Yes. If your job role fits in the same category as that in your previous employment, then you don't need to start with new PERM process. When your PD dates become current, you need fill form J along with 765.
  12. Ricky27

    EAD activation at later time

    H Joef, Yes. I mean filing i-485 separately after wards when she comes back to USA(>6 months) assuming the dates would be current.
  13. Ricky27

    EAD for spouse

    Hi, My friend is not married & he got his EAD. He is getting married after 6 months. Can he file EAD for his wife after marriage & she comes to US or she should wait until he gets his green card? Pls reply.
  14. Ricky27

    EAD activation at later time

    Hi Joef, So you confirm that husband & wife need not file for EAD together at the same time?
  15. Ricky27

    EAD activation at later time

    Hi Experts, My PD dates became current and i need to file for my EAD. But my wife is in INDIA and can come back after 2 months. Can i file EAD first for myself & file for my wife later? I mean i will NOT activate my EAD until my wife steps into USA. Once she lands in USA i will file for EAD..Is that a good idea? Please suggest. Thanks Ricky