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  1. gopalakrishnach

    H1b extension from India

    Can I apply for extension from India? -- I feel so. Can I do it premium processing? - Yes Also if I file for extension before February2021 (I am out of US from February2020), will the H1b clock reset? Nope. Clock is reset if you to through lottery ONLY.
  2. gopalakrishnach

    Employer change on Approved I-140

    Can I switch my job and join Company B ? - Yes. Old employer cna revoke I140 before 180 days after that they cannot revoke old I140. Do they (company B ) need to file for I-140 again immediately ? No immediately but at one of point of time they need to for you to get EAD and GC through them. You cna port priority date from old to new. Company A has not shared the approved I-140 document with me, - This normal. Employers do not share original copy they onlyshare copy of it on need basis like visa stamping. will that be a problem switching the job? -- Nope you can submit copy of I140.
  3. gopalakrishnach

    LCA filing with out Physical office location

    Can LCA be filed just using my home location in the "Place of Employment Information" section? --- I am not ane expert but I feel yes. Also, would it be ok identifying Employers Canada address in "Employer information" section? -- I feel address has to be USA address. If employer is in Canada then there is no concept of H1B and you cannot stay in USA and work for non-USA entity. Better wait and see what experts say..
  4. I feel you will approbval till end of 9 months. After that you will get unlawful stay. I feel better you plan only for 9 months irrespective H1B is approved or not. If approved you will have end date.
  5. gopalakrishnach

    H1B 6Yrs Cycle will Restart ?

    Your cycle will reset when you get new H1B approval in lottery. Your question will not lead to cycle reset.
  6. gopalakrishnach

    H1b RFE - Specialty occupation - IT Project manager

    Where did you read it? Rejection depends on your profile and company documentation. I feel IT Project Manager on job title itself will not get right away rejection.
  7. gopalakrishnach

    Risk in H1b Amendment Approval for work from home

    Once things goes to normal and when you are back in office you need to file amendment. Is your office and work within same MSA or 50 miles apart?. I am not an expert and my personal feeling is put office address and location 1 and home address as location 2 and 3 and that will be good. I may be wrong. I am sure your company will do the processing and will take care of you if it is good one. Does filing the home address as address 1, lead to a significant increase in risk of RFE / rejection of the H1b amendment? --- this depends on your profile not just work location...
  8. I feel B1 must be approved first since H1B is filed after 60 days. I maybe wrong.
  9. gopalakrishnach

    Filed Exactly 1 year after leaving usa- clock reset

    I feel so. But lets see what others say.
  10. gopalakrishnach

    Travel to US with approved H1b but terminated employment

    Now, I received the stamped passport and would like to know with that stamped passport am I eligible to travel to US and search of new job. --- You may travel but at POE what if they try to validate your employment. They might contact your employer and when your employer says that you do not work for them then you will get into troubles. I suggest DO NOT travel. Talk with your employer and see whether they can help you out on this. If they cannot help you need to find new employer and get H1B approved. Once you get H1B approved you can travel to USA with new stamped visa and new H1B approval notice. No need for you to go for new stamping. Please keep in mind Trump EO that is effect till end of this year.
  11. Did you get new I94 with your approval notice. I may be wrong and if you get new I94 I feel you are good. Lets see what other experts say..
  12. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Transfer Suggestions Needed

    Is Employer C is submitting the application after 60 days. If yes C can submit new petition with USCIS and I feel it depends on B decision. If no C can submit new petition with USCIS with A paystubs. Let experts weigh-in.
  13. joined another employer on H1-B transfer receipt notice (Had to join due to unavoidable circumstances). There is no employment gap. As soon as I resigned i Joined new employer the next day. ---- you are not under 60 days rule since you joined new employer on receipt.
  14. gopalakrishnach

    Setting up business in LLC

    You can invest and just stay away from it. You cannot get involved in day to day work. You have to passive investor.
  15. It looks Employer A H1B is her first approval and which never got activated. So she cannot use that to transfer.