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  1. Hi Gopi

    Do you know If we can answer NO for the question "Are you travelling from any other country for the stamping in Canada?" to get early dates?

    I have a canada visitor visa? Will this be sufficient proof? Any idea?

  2. I came know about few cases including mine with Level 1. All got 221G and they got cleared and all got stamping. Mine is Level 1 I got 221G and got cleared in a week and got stamped at Vancouver Canada. Expect more scrutiny for Level 1 .
  3. As far as I know you cannot get DS 160 once you submit. In your case also it is not possible. Thats my guess.
  4. I guess you are also going to Vancouver Canada. My advice based upon my experience if possible donot take stuff like kid food and cell. If needed in worst case scenario there is Quizzons Sub exact opposite to embassy. You can keep all your stuff their for $10. Before I started my journey I mailed embassy asking for rules and they said we can get small amount of kid food, we already know taking cell phones is not advisable. We took baby food, 2 diapers, water since we planned to go out and return to hotel in evening. We took everthing in small transparent zip lock bags. The security girl checked all and she said she is fine but she advised even though I can allow this stuff there will be more security checks and their will be more questions for you once you get inside. She advised about Quizzons Sub and I kept all kids stuff including stroller their for $10 and they kept our stuff in secured way. I didnot lose anything. I just took our documentation and kid thats all. In our case our kid was also very active but Thank god at that time she behaved nicely and she was looking others laughing and by the time we went to interview she had a little nap and woke up so she was silent all the time.
  5. I would suggest you stay in Canada till 5 to 6 weeks. By then your case will be resolved. I guess here they are checking how come a NON-IT graduate is working in IT job. Those things they are scrutinizing alot now.
  6. There is no scale of measuring the chances of getting visa stamped. It depends on your profile and confidence. Carry all documents. The only thing now they are seeing more is LCA and W2. They will ask for your job title and salary.
  7. 1- I am afraid of if my stamping gets rejected because of the charges. does VO consider charges (DUI) or just focuses on decision (reckless driving)? - Be prepared for 221G. I can see there are chances that VO may issue you a 221g and it will take some considerable amount of time. 2- What docs should I bring forth with me? - Carry all the docs. As much as you can. Please search for DUI cases here you will get more info. 3- I dont have any other records besides these 2. Is there any chance I can get my visa stamped? Or what should be the best deal for me? When should I go for stamping? No one can say for sure whether you will get visa stamped or not. It depends on your case, your confidence level so no one can assure you. I see your case doesnot depend on time. I strongly feel you will have chances of 221G but if you are lucky you may get visa stamped straight away.
  8. I did air travel recently to Vancouver Canada for my visa stamping and as per my experience no, border officer will not take your I-94 attached to your I797 approval notice. Border officer will also not give any I-94 card to you since now it is all online. Border officer will just stamp your passport.
  9. First book an appointment with earliest date that shows to you. Later you can change the date. Just keep checking daily people always cancel their appointments. You need to take chances no one can say certainly you will get with in 15 days.
  10. Mine was Level 1 with W2 wage $45K more than LCA. I didnot do anything. During interview VO took my I797, passport, LCA, all w2, all paystubs. My wife and I went to interview together. Mine was H1B and hers was H4. Our kid who is US citizen and 10 months old also came with us to interview since we had no one to take care of her. Mine just go resolved in 1 week. Please see below. It will give you my timeline.
  11. Since its checking in India it will take some time. Since you are from IIT I guess no problems there.
  12. You said you are planning to go Canada for H1B stamping. So I guess you might already in US and started working for an employer in that your home will be USA. Please be clear whats your current situation accordingly you must write. I always keep my US address as home address.
  13. I got 221g regarding wages not matching on LCA, W2, and paystubs. W2 was almost $45000 more than LCA.
  14. Create a new DS 160 and contact visa service center. They will help you out. I did same for Vancouver Canada. They asked me to submit new DS 160 and send them confirmation page. They updated it in my visa appointment. It took around 5 to 6 business days.
  15. Location doesnot matter. If you have good profile, carry all documents, your employer is good, no shady things you can go to any place. You must be confident.