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  1. My advice avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. See the holiday calendar for the consulate where you intend to attend the interview. Try to avoid as many holidays you can.
  2. gopalakrishnach

    How to get Canada Visitor Visa & H1 Stamping

    I guess you can start form here. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/visa.asp?_ga=2.149275632.750476072.1537465184-647091641.1537465184
  3. gopalakrishnach

    H1b Stamping in Vancouver

    You can go...
  4. I maybe wrong but from past few years Canada embassies started to not do foreign nationals H1B intvs for last 3 months of the year..
  5. yes mention both.,..
  6. gopalakrishnach

    Mention LCA violation on DS-160?

    If your pay stub was run on 3rd party client site.. then it might create some issues... my personal opinion...
  7. My advice first take any available date and keep on checking the site daily. People normally will drop their appointments. I happened to me in past. I took some date and later I got date what i want.
  8. gopalakrishnach

    221g in Vancouver

    In 2016, I also had 221G white slip in Vancouver Canada. It took total 9 working days. White slip is good news. It mostly means they want to do some background checks. You can mail me if you need any info. I can understand how you feel...
  9. gopalakrishnach

    Location Change on H1B

    I feel what you doing is illegal. You got LCA and H1B for S1 and you are working for S2. I guess you cannot do. You need LCA for S2 and H1B amendment for S2. Moreover when you are working in S2 are you generating pay stub for S1 ?
  10. Dude please do some research.. with MSA no need amendment... outside you certainly need...
  11. If change in location is not in same MSA then you need amendment since location changed...
  12. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Amendment Required for Acquisition?

    I feel H1B amendment will be good and I see their is some risky going to stamping as it is..
  13. I was also about to ask same...
  14. gopalakrishnach

    I Got 221 g

    I am sorry to hear about your 221G and I can see you had one of the hardest interview. To be honest, I also faced 221G and we cannot do anything beside waiting and responding to their communication...