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  1. rockafficiando

    H1B Amendement Petition WAC*** still in recieved state

    Thanks for your reply.I shall see if my company can sponsor PP or i have to do it on my dime
  2. Hi, I work for a management consulting firm and i field for a H1 Amendment petition for a client with a receipt date May 26 .Receipt number starts with WAC indicating California Processing Center The petition has been on received status for 5 months now.I'm trying to upgrade it to PP in my own dime(as my company will not pay) as the project on that petition will end by Jan 2018.But i can see that the USCIS can easily give an RFE and stop the clock now that the holiday season is here.That would defeat the whole purpose of PP and waste of money. My current I-94 expires on March 2018.I will be under radar from Jan to get assigned to a new project and file another amendment (plus extension).It will be a scary situation especially if I have no assignments Having stated that I see the California Service Center is processing H1B Amendments with receipt dates of July 1st 2017. Does that mean mine is missed somewhere in the queue?How can i have my immigration lawyers raise an issue or service question with USCIS? Is there any standard protocol for this? Thanks,
  3. rockafficiando

    H1B Amendment Denied.Multiple Amendments in Play

    Can someone reply to my queries
  4. Hi, I work for a boutique management consulting firm which requires me to travel to different client site for projects every 6-9 months on average. I'm on H1 status with I-140 approved and have never had a blemish on my record until now.I have worked with the company for 4-5 years now and have had 2 previous H1 approvals with them in addition to the PERM and I 140 approvals for the same employer I usually file H1 amendments/extension on PP.Ever since it was revoked in this years moratorium, I had to file 2 H1B amendments one in March 2017 and another in June 2017 for 2 different clients(without PP).My current i-94 expiry is March 2018 The March 2017 amendment went into RFE sometime in May 2017 and i had rolled of that project and client location by then.So filed another amendment in June 2017 for the new client My March H1B was denied last week and there was no reason mentioned for denial.My employer wouldn't give me the denial letter citing company policy.The HR wanted to fire me for no status until I had to intervene and explain that I might still be in status due to my original i-94 expiration of March 2018.Fortunately after reading the fine print of the denial the HR and Immigration assistants in my organization said USCIS allowed me to be in status of H1 until my i-94 expiry date.The lawyers now say that my June 2017 H1 can also be denied as i have a record of denial.And most likely that will be the case if they raise another RFE while migrated from this project as well. So, I'm kind of stuck in this vicious cycle until Premium Processing opens up and I can file another amendment for a project in PP.So, I would like a second opinion on a few items. 1)My company is filing to appeal denial?How long doe denials take to be vetted? Will it eclipse my current i-94 date of March 2018 2)If my June 2017 H1 is also denied, do i still get to stay until my i-94 date. Or will i go out of status immediately?I ask this because i might not have another amendment filed until about Nov/Dec 2017 and not sure if the firt denial allowed me to stay until my i-94 date due to another petition.I'm confused what last action takes precedence? 3)I can go on H4 and apply for EAD as my wife is on H1 and has an approved I-140, but she currently applied for H1 extensions as her H1 expires in Dec 2017.She is not in a consulting firm and hopefully her extension goes through soon and i can have H4 EAD as a backup(until they revoke it with the current political climate we are in) I will be scheduling a call with Murthy attorneys, but wanted to get some initial details to see what are some of my options and get 2nd opinions outside of my company's attorneys
  5. rockafficiando

    H1 Travel when Petition is Filed and Pending

    Yeah let me ask if my company can do that. They kinda stopped doing that due to ever rising costs. Thanks for the suggestion If i were to continue without PP though, is my scenario a risky one which might cause confusions upon re-entruy(if my h1 is approved a day before re-entry and i come back on a different i-94)
  6. Insert other media I'm planning a trip abroad in mid-March and come back into the country 4-7 days before my H1 visa stamping on my passport expires(04/20/17) My last I-797 had a validity until March 2018 which was stamped on my previous I-94. I had a file a a new H1 (due to change of clients), what would my options be? 1)Can I even travel out of the country if the approval doesn't come by March which I don't expect it to come given the backlogs and I didn't file in premium processing 2)If I can travel, can I show my previous I 797 and get my I-94 until March 2018 so that I have time to file for another H1 as opposed to getting a I-94 until April 20th and not giving me enough time to file. 3)If neither or the above 2 work, can I cancel my current petition Will that automatically make my previous I 797 valid or will I go out of status. Thanks
  7. rockafficiando

    Transiting through London Heathrow

    Alright great thanks for clarifying.
  8. rockafficiando

    Transiting through London Heathrow

    Hi, I have always traveled to India from USA through the Middle East. I wanted to get some info before securing a new 1stop flight deal on way to India I'm travelling ATL-LHR-MAA(Atlanta-London Heathrow-Chennai) and its my first time on that route with British Airways I have a 2 hour layover in London Heathrow before my next flight I'm on Indian passport with valid H1 stamping Do I need to apply for a Direct Airside Transit visa? The online links and forums just talk about exemption when travelling to USA. What about while travelling to India from USA Actual stories/passenger info or in past 6 months will help considering there were some rules changed in Dec 2014 Thanks
  9. rockafficiando

    Travel outside USA on New Passport No Visa Satmp

    Thanks a lot for your responses. That helps a lot :)
  10. HI, I have a H1 visa stamping on my current passport which expires in June 2016. But my Indian passport ends this July 2015 and Im in process of renewing the same. Once, I have my new passport, I have a trip to Europe planned at end of this year. 1) Can I travel to Europe and back into USA on 2 passports, current having my Schengen visa to Europe and the old one having my H1 Visa for USA? 2) Can i come through Port of Entry with a stamp on my old passport although it is expired? Please let me know how it works with respect to USA entry Thanks
  11. rockafficiando

    Is a new PERM needed if I go abck to my Previous company holding my PERM

    Thanks for the replies folks...PQRS = 1234+ XYZ(additional responsibilities) as its up the corp ladder..So I'm good to go right?
  12. rockafficiando

    Is a new PERM needed if I go abck to my Previous company holding my PERM

    Great thanks for the information just wanted to know one last thing. Does it matter if I go in as a another position than what was on my PERM and/or I-140 My PERM was filed for position '1234' and they are offering a bigger position called 'PQRS' I was wondering if i should take 'PQRS' or stick to my old '1234' under which my PERM was filed. Will help me decide on the paperwork of the offer details Please let me know
  13. Hi, I filed for PERM and have an approved I-140 from my previous firm(which is not cancelled). I currently work for a new employer, but I'm panning on transferring my H1 and going back to my previous firm next year. I was wondering if a new Labor/PERM and I-140 needs to done or can i continue with the old one. My location is still going to be the same. So, I'm thinking prevailing wages shouldn't change. I might go at a higher position than I was(kind of like a promotion) Please let me know Thanks
  14. Okay I have heard conflicting comments from past threads. So just wanted to get confirm the same. From DOS website it still kinda looks confusing as I see India in the exempt list.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to confirm about my return to USA with only 5 months before expiry on my passport. Would that be a problem?Whats the norm in such cases? Also, is it 6 month from the interview date or from the finger printing(documents day) as I'm one day shy of the 6 month passport validity on my currently scheduled appointment date Thanks