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  1. Hi, I should thank this forum and all the members of this forum who helped me well prepared for the interview ... I had all the documents (mine and employer docs) with me.. probably, I was the only guy who was carrying those many documents yesterday... I attended my visa interview in Vancouver on April 10 (yesterday) and my visa was approved. VO asked me to collect the passport in 3 days. The questions asked were-- Who is your employer? What type of projects are you working on? Where do you work.. at employer's in-house project or at client location? (ans: client location) How long have you been with this employer? How long have you been with this client? Did you work for any other employer in the US? (in my case it was yes) Did you do your masters in US? (No) Do you have latest pay stubs ?(handed over one year pay stubs). Do you have I129 petition? Handed over Verified both the handed over docs and returned them... All the while the VO was talking to me, he was typing something and asking questions... If I understood correct, he was looking at the documents my employer submitted during H1B extension and some info about employer.... No more questions... he said your visa is approved..collect the passport in 3 days based on the email you receive from the consulate regarding the passport pick up status. By looking at the documents bundle I placed on the counter and the way I arranged them in the file/folder I carried, VO told at the end.. nice work ..that helps... Thanks again for all the people who helped me in getting my visa approved. Thanks h1bxplorer
  2. h1bxplorer

    Reporting Manager

    If it is not... why USCIS has been approving H1B petitions of the companies which are in to this business? I am again stressing my point.. This moving of independent consultants is not always with companies in EV...C model, it is a very well know fact that the companies in EC model (not desi companies...American prime vendor companies) also do placing and moving of independent consultants from project to project and client to client (look at the thread starter). I am not sure if you guys have never come across any such situations in your career or you just don't want to accept it. If the rule is rule and then make the rule for all.... NO HYPOCRISY PLEASE. If this is agreed and applied to all, we can discuss this matter for hours together, otherwise, there is no point in quoting the rules which can be bent as and when necessary and quote as strict when you think/feel it can be quoted as strict. I have seen projects where companies like IBM sends one of its SMEs to client location and ask them to help the client in finishing their project (project can be 3 months, 6 months or more..) and during that time the IBM consultant does not get his work assigned from IBM's manager, client manager assigns him the work because IBM SME is part of the larger client team now and he is supposed to perform his tasks as per the project priority and client manager's project plan.... Where is the so called EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE relationship maintained here? Isn't this unfair? If someone argues that the rule can be bent here, then people are always ready to bend rules wherever possible. This is common across the globe..if not, no country needs a constitution and laws, bla bla bla... Thanks h1bxplorer
  3. h1bxplorer

    Reporting Manager

    Because, I worked with some of these companies as my prime vendors and their direct employees were in the same project where I was and they also get work assigned by the client manager... not their employer manager. You don't need to be an incharge of the american prime vednor comapnies to know the consulting stuff which Amrcian Prime vendor companies do.. It is a common phenomena in IT consulting.... If you work in IT industry and you are in consulting world for a while, you will understand most of the stuff without visiting all the prime vendor comapny offices... I understand and agree the EMPLOYER - EMPLOYEE relationship stuff..but my question is why everyone is pointing out only EVC model not EC model? EC model also cannot really maintain the EE relationship in the example I quoted in my post. Thanks h1bxplorer
  4. h1bxplorer

    Reporting Manager

    The above points are not applicable to even for the big American prime vendor companies and for Indian based corporate companies handling some projects (may not be all) at the client locations. Most of American based prime vendor companies place their employees at client location and never even think about this EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE relationship. Whether one is ready to ACCEPT it OR NOT..this the FACT. I believe you are aware of the IT industry operations... Client always have a team of full time employees hired for performing certain tasks to deliver different projects they undertake based on the kind of industry they are in. They hire contractors (consultants), if they think the full time employees they have do not have enough skills needed for the specific project they started (going to start) or they think they cannot go for a full time employee for the project which is going to last for half a year or so... In this process client hires a contractor for a duration of half year and makes him/her as part of their team. In this scenario, how can someone expect that the hired contractor's employer manager assign him/her the daily tasks? This means that the client should entertain the contractor's employer manager to participate in all the meetings and discussions and let him allocate the work to his/her employee and client manager assigns the work to the rest of the team???? Absolute hypocrisy..... I agree that the H1B is abused..... Why did this 2010 memorandum come into picture after recession.. why not during Y2K problem or during 2002-2006 period when the market was crazy where software consultants were paid $250/hr or more? This H1B abuse was there most of the time as the EVC model exists for quite sometime... As far as I understood most of this is happening because locals started thinking that they are losing jobs because of the non-immigrant workers and govt also has the same notion about this.... This is just an indirect signal to all the foreign nationals coming to this country that ... ""guys your necessity is not at the peak level for US.. we will call you back when we are in need of you, till that time, stay back in your country.."" It is easy to say the rules you mentioned in your writeup, however, in a real word scenarios, they cannot be applied in a lot of situations..not only in IT industry....other industries like marketing, fashion designing, construction works etc.... Thanks h1bxplorer
  5. h1bxplorer

    Reporting Manager

    Hi JoeF, My heart says.. don't lie to the VO..just tell that the client manager assigns you the work and you report to your employer manager every weekend by sending the status report in detail so that my manager at my employer company knows what I am really doing at client location.. (sending the status report..I do every weekend). However, I always have a question in the back of my mind... Does this make the VO think that my employer does not have control on me? Work not being assigned by the employer a violation of employer-employee relatioship? If so, a lot of my friends who work for big american companies which are preferred vendors for various clients across the US also get their work assigned by client manager only, not their reporting manager at their employer company. I would say then EVC people are scape goats for this 2010 memorandum for E-E relationsip. I have tried reading the memorandum several times but could not rally understand what the VOs are looking to verify the E-E relationship. Based on your posts in the forum, I feel you are an expert in immigration matters. Would it be possible for you to spare some of your time and explain the E-E relationship criteria in a more easy terms? This would be a great help for people like me who have been clicking on the F5 button to see any new updates posted in the forum everyday. Thanks in advance Thanks h1bxplorer
  6. Hi Raj, When did you attend the interview? Thanks h1bxplorer
  7. h1bxplorer

    VISA Approved on 29th March - Vacouver

    Hi Sairaj, I also have a similar employment history like changing employers and clients. I would like to talk to you over phone. Could you provide me your contact details? Could you either post them here or send me an email to my email - visa dot stamped at google extension ? This would be great help, if you can answer some of my questions. Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  8. h1bxplorer

    Successful Stamping in Vancouver on 28th March

    Congratulations :) Could you provide me uour email ID or can you send me your contact details to my email? My email ID is: visa dot stamped at google extension I have my interview on April 10. Thanks in advance Thanks h1bxplorer
  9. h1bxplorer

    221g Vancouver Feb 29th

    Hi Friend, Congratulations for the visa approval. I have my visa appointment in Vancouver on April 10. I sent an email to the email you provided in another thread. Please respond to me. Thanks in advance Thanks h1bxplorer
  10. h1bxplorer

    Successful stamping at Ottawa Mar 19

    Hi nbaenc, Congrats :) Could you provide me your email ID? I would like to contact you and talk to you regarding what you answered for the question about the vendors in between. Thanks in advance Thanks h1bxplorer
  11. Hi All, I am on EVC model. I have a question regarding mentioning roles and responsibilities in client and vendor letter. I have the client letter with my roles and responsibilities mentioned in it. The question I have is - Should i request my vendor to mention the roles and responsibilities in the vendor letter also? Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  12. Hi Babu, Could you provide your contact details? I have my visa appointment on April 10. My email ID is: visa dot stamped at google extension. Please send me an email. I have booked hotel. Thanks h1bxplorer
  13. h1bxplorer

    Visa Interview@VanCouver March 15th

    Congrats Praveen :) Could you provide your email ID? I have my visa appointment on April 10 in Vancouver. I have some questions which you might be able to answer. I would like to talk to you. Please provide your email ID. Thanks h1bxplorer
  14. h1bxplorer

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    Thanks for your detailed post. Could you provide your email ID? I really want to know what you answered for the tricky employee employer relationship question which convinced the VO to approve your visa? Please provide your email ID. Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  15. h1bxplorer

    5 March 6 visa Approvals @ Vancouver

    Congrats Sravan. Could you provide your email id? I have my visa appointment on April 12 in Vancouver. Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer