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  1. Glad to inform you guys that even though we did not submit the "H1B Employee List", "Contract between Client and Employer" and the "Tax Returns Information", the embassy granted us the H4B Visa. The embassy officer did call my wife again to cross-check a few general questions regarding the marriage and her whereabouts.
  2. Hi: Since my company has refused to provide 2 piece of information, so I will submit a cover-letter explaining the situation and also attach the email from the company explaining the reason why they are not providing this information. "Apart from the above mentioned documents, there were 2 additional pieces of information that were requested: 1. Business contract between petitioner, vendor(s) and end-client. 2. List of petitioner's H1B employees. Company XYZ's HR & Immigration department, after consulting with their attorneys, feels that these documents are not required for a dependent visa. The company attorneys have also reached out to the Department of State chair and informed them about their concerns. Also, these documents contain company sensitive information. As such, the company has informed me that it is not in the interests of the company to disclose this information to an employee. Hence, I (or my wife) am unable to furnish these 2 pieces of information at this point of time. I have attached the email herewith for your reference" Would this be ok? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!
  3. This is in reference to my wife’s H4 (dependent visa) visa for which she appeared at the US Consulate (New Delhi) on Dec 2nd2011. The visa officer has requested additional company information listed below: · Document 1 - List of petitioner's H1B employees - provide a notarized list of all employees with each H1B employee's name, specific job title, yearly salary, and employment start and end dates. The company has rejected my request to furnish this information for the Consulate. And, the company has not provided me any document that expresses the objection and can be forwarded to the US Consulate, New Delhi. Since I am not in possession of this document that have been requested, I fear that my wife’s visa will get rejected. / I would appreciate if you can provide any directions on the case. Also, what are my options in this case? PLEASE HELP!!