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    Speaking ability

    Hello Murthy users, My Mom applied for Citizenship but she failed due to lack of english speaking ability, she was passed in Civics questions , is there anyway we can get speaking exception for her?
  2. My mother has applied for Citizenship , she was failed in first interview due to her English reading and speaking ability, in second interview she was good in writing, reading , history and civics but at the end of the interview officer asked one question from N400 she couldn't reply, office told to my mother she couldn't approve the application and she asked her to apply for Citizenship again however i didn't receive any decision letter for USCIS . My question here is, can i apply for my mother again?, does anyone of you know how long the application process takes as she already went through this process once. Your reply's are appreciated.
  3. Hi Murthy Readers and attorneys, I have one question on my H1 B extension, i have completed 6 years , and my company "X "applied H1 extension in October for the recapture time in normal processing, still my status is in intial review. When i count recapture time it will be till Feb 22nd only. what is best step to prcoceed here. And Current company didn't apply for my Green card, i have done the future employment with the other company where my labor and I-140 is approved. Can i use "Y" company I-140 to extend my H1B using "X" company?. Can i apply H1 extension before the Recapture time H1 extension approval, would it create any issues in USCIS? Please answer the above query and share your expereience. Thanks in adavnce to you all
  4. Saishy

    EB3 to EB2 porting during 485

    Thank you for the response we will do the same
  5. I have done eb3 to eb2 porting. Eb2 i140 was approved on aug 2011. Our priority date is April 2008. We have applied 485 on jan1 2012 , received the 485 receipt but preference classification showing as eb3, we were shocked Please anyone help on this,