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  1. By the way this is my first offense and I do have a reason. My mom was not feeling well.
  2. Recently I got a speeding ticket for Excessive speeding and reckless driving. If I am convicted under this case will they deport me to my home land will there be any issue if I am processing Green card or citizen ship. does both reckless driving and excessive considered to be serious criminal offenses??
  3. Correction MY OPT ends on May- 2013
  4. HI, I have Opt till May-2014, I have applied for H1 this year and got it approved on NOV-2012, Since I was on OPT my SSN and Medicare taxes were Waived, Going forward under which Visa am I considered?? Is it H1 or am i Still In OPT. Please Advice. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am working on OPT, My opt extension is valid till May-2013. I want to file H1 in 2012. Is there a way where I can file my H1 in 2012 but it would start from March-2013.I heard you can delay H1 start date.Is it true?If so what should I do when I apply?Do I need any additional documents? Thanks