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    lastname different between passport and I797

    Thank you for the information. Yes, I will post our experience once we have any updates.
  2. Hello, My wife has her visa appointment tomorrow morning (Jan 17th, 2012) at Hyderabad consulate. Her new passport contains the married lastname while her I797 approval notice contains her maiden lastname (for some reason, her employer applied for her H1B extension that way). Can someone tell us if this may cause any problems in obtaining visa? Do you have suggestions on how to handle the interview on this topic? Also, if the visa is issued on her maiden lastname (based on I797), can that cause any issues at the port of entry? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. - Raj
  3. Hi friends, I am posting below my timelines for approval under premium processing at California center. I am on EVC model with an indian consulting firm (~ 40 employees) and filed for extension after 3 years of employment. USCIS status updates: ------------------------------ 09/13/11: Initial Review Coverted to Premium Processing as I had a trip planned to India. Employer sent in the form for premium processing during the week of 11/14/2011 11/21/11: Initial Review 11/22/11: Acceptance 12/05/11: Request for Evidence RFE effectively asked for client letters, project information, my skills, etc. Employer responded in 2 weeks. 12/19/11: Request for Evidence Response Review 12/28/11: Decision (Approval) 12/28/11: Post Decision Activity (document mailed on the same day it was approved) 01/03/11: Approval Notice received by my employer Thanks to all the other forum members who have shared their experiences which helped me. - Raj