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  1. Srav359

    5 day overstay on visitor visa

    Thanks for the response. I will have my mother attend Visa interview again. as my father left before the denial ...I expect he does not need to attend Visa interview again? thanks Sravan
  2. I have applied for B1 visa extension for my Father & Mother on same application. I have received acknowledgment from USCIS. But My father has left US earlier before the application was processed and my mother stayed back. eventually after 4 months after application submitted...I got a reject notice stating that the applicant ( my father & my mother is co-applicant) left the country and request for visa extension is rejected. My mother left US 5 days after we received the reject notice. Now question is will this make my mother B1 visa invalid? and does she need to attend visa interview again to get a new visa? My expectations is my father visa is still valid. pls comment if my expectation is not correct Thanks for experts comments Sravan
  3. Srav359

    Travelling with I-485 still pending

    Thanks Bella, Leman and others. I have planed my trip expecting GC before I leave but RFE has delayed the process. My attorney is working on the RFE and I belive I have no reason to use my AP as the intent is to use AP for travel. I will carry all possilbe supporting docuements of me and from my employer as well. Thanks, Sravan
  4. Srav359

    Travelling with I-485 still pending

    Thanks Bella and Leman. After submitting the evidence in response to intal RFE. I have recived one more RFE today. Not sure what the second RFE is for. But any case I am leaving to india tomorrow intending to come on my AP and full fill the RFE when I come back as they have 90 days to respond. I am assuming I can use my AP even when my I-485 is in processing with and RFE? any comments? Thanks
  5. Hi, Both me and my have recived our EAD/AP combo cards valid untill end of this year. our I-485's are in processing, both of us recived REF's on our I-485 and my company attonry has took care of the RFE's. Me and my wife are leaving to india next week and returning march 11th. we are planning on using our EAD/AP combo card to return as my H1B visa is going to expire end of FEB. is it safe to travel on AP without H1B visa when I-485 is still in in processing? any feedback would be appreciated.