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  1. naveeena08

    how to enquire delay in receiving passport

    Email Consulate. I did when my passport got delayed.
  2. Should not be a Issue, On H1b you can work per/hr basis. NO issue as long as you work fulltime(40 hrs/week) . Holidays excluded
  3. If you have US or Canada Education you can attend US consulates in Canada.
  4. India-Chennai OR Canada(for fast processing). But all VO from all Consulates Knew every thing. EC,EVC,EVVC etc
  5. naveeena08

    DS160 photo Upload

    It will ask to upload a photo after you fill all the ds-160. It will ask for sure
  6. naveeena08

    New I-94 for H1B petition

    Dont worry about it. Dont tear it. You can give it as it is to VO and he will return it as it is to you. The old I-94 will be taken at airport while returning to US (if not taken while leaving US) and new I-94 will be given to you.
  7. say NO, nothing harm in ten printing once again
  8. naveeena08

    can i mail my canada visit docs to Detroit?

    yes , you can
  9. naveeena08

    First time H1 stamping in canada?

    I mean to say education evaluation
  10. naveeena08

    Original LCA and I-29

    LCA and i-129 copy is sufficient, but i797 should be original
  11. naveeena08

    First time H1 stamping in canada?

    I think you have to do your education validation done before going for stamping
  12. naveeena08

    Caada visiting visa validity

    For multiple entry you will get till your passport expiry. Canadian visitor visa has nothing to do with your h1b validity.
  13. naveeena08

    H1B stamping in Hyderabad

    yeah chennai
  14. naveeena08

    Got Canada (Detriot) TRV after 33 days

    I received after 31 days. I applied on june 30th got it today july 31st. TRV detroit
  15. naveeena08

    Lingering doubt - might sound silly.

    @Sukhoi1 You know that this forum is public and VO can also watch this posts/messages. Tell the truth