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    Finally the wait is over and i received my passport today with visa stamped. Personally thank Vijay for starting this thread and keeping this alive. Good to see many positive turnaround this month and hope all your wait ends soon. Thank you all and specially Vijay :)
  2. seenu


    @ rasheed1011 - Chennai Consulate. @All - What will be the normal turnaround time on a subsequent green slip issued after processing the first green slip? After processing the documents sent for first green slip, i was given another green slip with passport ticked. Will it take the normal 3 to 4 weeks time or i can expect a reply earlier?
  3. seenu


    Even i am victim of 221G and I had been a silent observer of this thread till now. This thread was very useful to understand where i stand and how this 221g process works.Below is my experience. Working for one of the biggest IT firm in India Had Visa Interview on Oct 12th 2011 Was given 221G for some weird reason - My work location was Amonk - NY according to LCA and NYC - NY according to I129. Thought the distance between them were less than 50 miles (within commutable limits as per guidelines), i was given a green slip asking for an Updated LCA to reflect the work location. I still think dont know what was the logic behind that. Documents requested - Updated LCA, Petition and other usual stuffs along with the contract with me and my employer (joining letter was submitted). No Passport asked. After many mails and a legal inquiry filed with consulate (through my company's legal team) we didnt get any reply and hence we got an updated LCA to reflect the address change. Documents submitted on Dec 14th 2011 Got reply on Jan 11th 2012 with all documents returned and asking me to submit passport. Gonna submit it soon. Hope i get my passport back with visa stamped. It has been a disturbing journey i should say as the case was very much valid but i did console my-selves seeing other weird cases on this forum. My prayers for all of you waiting and hope all your wait end soon and get a successful stamping. Thanks for all your help and will keep you guys updated on my visa