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  1. Hello, I have two H-1B receipt numbers, both I-797 from the same employer. One is valid till Nov 22,2016 ( this is present, and is valid for next 3 months) and a new one, got extension from Nov 22,2016 to Nov 21,2019. I need to know which I-797 receipt number to use while filling DS-160 for the visa interview? Technically, I think i should use the latest I-797 which is valid till 2019. Please confirm if i'm right.
  2. PremKalyan, The context might be same but the question is different here. I have reviewed this forum and alteast i did not find any one who answered this question. if you answered this before kindly paste the link and i can review. I found only this link below and answer which doesn't seem appropriate so looking for more suggestions from others.
  3. rohit666

    Existing and New petition

    I have a similar case. I have two H-1B receipt numbers, both I-797 from the same employer. One is valid till Nov 22,2016 ( this is present, and is valid for next 3 months) and a new one, got extension from Nov 22,2016 to Nov 21,2019. I need to know which I-797 receipt number to use while filling DS-160 for the visa interview? Technically, I think i should use the latest I-797 which is valid till 2019. Please confirm if i'm right. Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I had to travel to india immediately as my father passed away , very unfortunate . Also, i don't have a h-1b visa stamping with my current employer, so have to go for visa stamping, but, the dates, confirmation I got in Hyderabad is Jan 17 , 2017. I came today sep 9th, 2016 to Hyderabad. I have to take of my current responsibilities of my father but have to return back to US in a month atleast. Have wife, job back in US so have to head back eventually and can't wait till January. I would like to know if I can apply for an emergency appointment. I asked vfs center and they suggested to request consulate. I would like to know if any one experience such emergency situation. Please suggest all other options too that are available. I don't have time to go to Canada or Mexico, neither I have Canada visa or Mexico visa. It's very bad that the appointment are delayed so much and it's hard for people to even try. thanks in advance for any helpful info.
  5. Any one got re-affirmation from USCIS and got visa ?
  6. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    Hello Seniors Members, I previously had valid I-797 until Feb 5,2015 from my previous employer and i have valid H1b Visa until Feb 5, 2015. I recently changed my employer and got a new I-797 until Nov 22, 2016. I have traveled to mexico( OUT of US) a month ago and re-entered US so i was given new I-94 but it has an end date of Feb 5,2015 instead of Nov 22,2016. 1. so am i eligible to stay and work in US beyond Feb 5, 2015? 2. I should have been given admit until date as of new employer or new I-797 right? 3. I recently went to extend my driving license with a new state and got license only until Feb 5, 2015 so i am concerned about my status after Feb 5,2015? any suggestions or experiences will help.. Thanks
  7. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    Rahul and Jarichi, Thanks for all the info you gave me. It really helped my situation. I went to the local CBP office and was told that he will correct it.
  8. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    bluebeamer999, So did you go out of US or planning to go and re-enter USA?
  9. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    I think i missing something here.... Rahul and jarichi can you help me understand. My current visa with previous employer is expiring on Feb 5 ,2015 My new employer I-797 with I-94 is valid until Nov 22,2016 1.The New I-94 which i got recently a month ago when i entered USA from mexico has an end date of Feb 5,2015. So this is a mistake by the immigration officer? 2.As per above latest I-94 i'm allowed to stay/work in USA until Feb 5,2015 but if i cross the USA (go to canada) and re-enter i need to request Immigration officer to check the latest I-797 and ask him to give new I-94 with an admit until date as per I-797 which is Nov 22,2016? 3.what if the immigration officer says no i can only give I-94 end date until the visa expiry date in your passport ( which is Feb 5,2015)? 4. Do i need to go to visa again and re-enter USA to get new I-94 ( hopefully this time i dont need to check with the immigration officer). I should be getting I-94 with an end date of Nov 22,2016. I did not know this would get so complicated. Thanks Rohit
  10. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    Did you ask the immigration officer why he did not extend your new i94 till 22-Nov-2016? I noticed it only after coming home as I-94 is digital now. Have you tried approaching local CBP office on the same for getting it corrected? I did not approach them yet. Im about to consult an attorney. I'm in similar situation and was advised by CBP officer to cross the border and come back as my i94 is valid till 11-nov-2014 and my latest i797 has valid status till 15-may-2014 Crossing the border wont be helping i guess. You will need to go for visa stamping. As crossing the border will not give an extended I-94 as you will still have old visa. Senior members please suggest.
  11. rohit666

    I-94 expiring soon

    Thanks Rahul and Jarichi, Well, i just crossed the border ( went to mexico on vacation) and got in to this issue. Crossing the border wont be sufficient right ? I need to go for H1b Visa stamping may be in canada to get a new i-94 with validity until my new I797 which is untill Nov 2016 right? Please suggest.
  12. well, I think you need to go to visa stamping. Crossing the border and coming back will not give updated i-94
  13. Hello Senior Members, My parents living in Hyderabad, India are planning to go for visitor visa(B2). I have been searching for documents required for B2 visa interview and was confused about sponsor documents. I have below questions. I 'm on H1b living in US. so i have questions if my parents have to show their own funds and go for a visa interivew or can i show my funds ( giving affadavit of support) to my parents. 1.Can a person in US sponsor funds for his parents ( showing bank balance and sufficient funds for their trip and stay to US). Also sending affidavit of support. 2. Do my parents have to show their own funds ? 3. Visitor visa reason for travel: In my case- parents will be visiting to see me and also travel. Will this reason be fine ? 4. Can any one send me the documents require for a visiting visa ? any link would be great. Visitor visa application documents: http://www.***********.com/**************** Visitor visa sponsor documents: http://www.***********.com/**************** Thanks
  14. Thanks for the replies every one.. My only question is what is the best method or a way to get visitor visa for parents. If i have to show i-134 (child financial sponsoring to parents); i will show them or if parents should show they own funds; i will recommend them to do so. The reason for the trip will be travel and visit me for a month.
  15. Seniors members, Please reply.
  16. Hi Senior Members, I have my current H1B Visa valid untill FEB 2015 but i have changed my employer recently( I'm working FULL TIME) and planning to visit India in the month of December 2014. I have two questions here 1. Am i eligible to go for a visa when i visit India claiming that i changed my employer and want to get my visa stamped even though i have valid visa with previous employer? 2. Will i be able to return back with my existing visa if not given visa during my visit ( I never hope it is the case but just wanted to check as my visa is not expired and is valid until FEB 2015) ? I would like to know the answer so i can plan my visit and visa stamping according to that. Thanks
  17. Hi, I want to know if there is any limit on the duration of stay in India during OPT ? The OPT has just started today and i'm planning to leave India and stay for two months atleast. Would there be any issue at the port of entry while i come back ? What is ideal time to stay in India during OPT? please suggest thanks
  18. @dkanu, Its your wish to go to any consulate but i recommend you go to chennai. As chennai seem'd much better compared to hyderabad consulate.
  19. Finally got my visa at Chennai I was in EVC, got 221g at Hyd in Dec 2011 Now I am in EC, visa approved at Chennai this week. Like This Quote
  20. Any one got RFE in Jan,Feb for emp-emp relationship? Did any one got acceptance after replying to the query? Please let me know the wait time from RFE to acceptance It will be helpfull Thanks
  21. rohit666

    Any EC models with Blue 221G in Hyd

    Hi @ 221gmay2411 Can you please post your interview questions and the reason for 221g? @ whywe You think EC model has problems too or the answers for the emp -emp relationship question asked by VO are not satisfying the VO ?
  22. hi @ skotrik and H1b reject, Im also planning for the same. plz give me your id and will discuss thanks
  23. rohit666

    Why did you change employer ?

    hi @skotrik, Can you give me your mail id. I'm also in same situation as yours. will discuss.. thanks
  24. Yes, my was a transfer. and i responded last friday.