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    My Case at Chennai Consulate: Visa Interview Date : 12/13/2011 221g : Green Slip (Passport returned, I-797 and LCA withheld, Docs reqd from you: None Checked. Docs reqd from employer: None Checked. Admin Processing: Checked) Model : EVC, MS from the US. Waiting to hear from the consulate for the past 29 days and counting. The visa officer was very courteous and asked me a few regular questions like, who are you working for, do you have a layer in between E and C, what is your degree etc. He then asked me to take a seat after a which a desi lady called me over to ask me several questions which were taken back to the VO to adjudicate my case on. She returned with the green slip with just the admin processing checked with a case number 2011-XXX-XXX-1. What could be the reason that no documents were asked to be submitted? I appreciate all the information I've gleaned from reading various posts by members of this forum. Thank You. I'm in the process of compiling a statistics post on the number of cases with 221g green slips, employment model, waiting times, and success rate. Thanks ~R