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  1. for_suggestion

    No I 94 Card

    Thanks guys,I am going to India this month so while coming back I will make sure I have it.but will it be a problem in the future for the short stay with out I 94 in USA?
  2. for_suggestion

    No I 94 Card

    I went to Canada recently for 10 days.While going to Canada I have returned my I 94 to the air carrier.But while I was returning back I have gone through the immigration check in Canada before boarding and was not given I -94 form and I did not see I 94 to fill up any where. How can I get the I 94 ?
  3. for_suggestion

    EVC = Suicide !

    @Ottawa_rocks: If you have your stamping done,keep quite and concentrate on your job.Don't make fun of others.So many people read these forums.Don't scare them.
  4. for_suggestion

    March 12- onwards

    got 221g white on 26th.
  5. for_suggestion

    12 March Ottawa -221g white form - EVC

    whats you email?
  6. for_suggestion

    Ottawa March 221g

    This thread is for those who got 221g's in March'12 Share your experiences here.
  7. for_suggestion

    Urgent advice needed.

    You never know when will your date be current. Just saw a post some where today,eb2 will be retrogressing to August 2007 in coming bulletins.Even though if it is not retrogressed,dates will not move till september '12. Please get canadian tourist visa,go to India, take care of your father ceremony.then go for stamping in Canada.
  8. for_suggestion

    March Last week Ottawa

  9. for_suggestion

    March Last week Ottawa

    Who ever is planning send an email to vstamping at gmail dot com.
  10. for_suggestion

    March Last week Ottawa

    If any one is planning to go to Ottawa for Stamping in the march last week,Please gather here.
  11. Can you give your contact details vstamping(at)gmail
  12. for_suggestion

    H1b Visa Stamping in Ottawa

    Hello guys,please send me an email with your contact details to vstamping(at)gmail I am planning to attend in same time frame.
  13. for_suggestion

    March 1st week: Ottawa Stamping (Anyone)??

    Congrats Ajay,Can you post your experience.
  14. for_suggestion

    March 1st week: Ottawa Stamping (Anyone)??

    How did it go? Ajay