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  1. HarryPottar

    1-140 approved. Can I get EAD for wife

    anyone answer above question pls.
  2. HarryPottar

    1-140 approved. Can I get EAD for wife

    Thank you Attroney_19. This forum is great to get some insight. My wife is from Canadian PR (not citizen) and work there. Due to our personal reason, she would not be filing I-485 immediately. I have one follow up question. If I file my I-485 and leave wife out at that time. Later, to file for my wife, Do I have to get her to US on visitor Visa (since my H1 will longer will valid after filing I-485 and she already have visitor visa) or do it from Consular processing (I hope I am right about CP concept). Thank You.
  3. HarryPottar

    1-140 approved. Can I get EAD for wife

    Thank for the reply spenumatsa and pontevecchio If the priority date becomes current, can I only apply for my 1-485 adjustment of status. When my wife join few months later, she can file her I-485. OR Is there any requirement that all applicants in GC applications need to be file I-485 together? Thanks All.
  4. HarryPottar

    1-140 approved. Can I get EAD for wife

    Hi Everyone, I need advice on following two things: Background: My 1-140 is approved and I am waiting for my priority date to become current which can take some time. My wife is currently not in US and working in home country. She does not want to come here on H4.Her name is included in my GC application. Question: 1. Is it possible to get EAD for my wife so that she can get a job in US and legally work? What process I have to do? 2. Suppose my priority date become current and my wife does not want to move to US immediately. What is the process when priority date becomes current? Does all applicants in GC application needs to be in US after that? Please advise if wife can not join immediately due to personal reason. Thanks All.