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  1. Hello, my job has been impacted due to the govt. shutdown. Employer has asked to use PTO but with no end in sight for a resolution, if my PTO ends and if my employer does not want to pay further, what are my options? can I stay in the country?
  2. Hello need help with my situation. I am working in location A (H1b and PERM, I140) were approved from this location. My wife got a job in location B. My employer agreed for WFH. Due to some circumstances we didnot go with H1b amendment for location B. I updated my address to a friends address in location A. After moving, me and my wife had to sign lease for the apartment in location B. Is signing lease going to be a problem for my H1b or I-485 when i apply in the future? Thanks!
  3. sp.dev

    H4 Different Location

    Hello, My wife is on H4 and working on h4 ead. She got job in different location than H1b location. Can she stay at a different location than h1b location? Does she need to update AR 11 online?
  4. sp.dev

    H4 EAD and I-140 approved

    Hello, My wife was on H1b and the employer filed PERM and I-140 in the 6th year. They did not approve in the right time and she moved to H4 and applied H4 EAD. Once she got H4 EAD, the employer hired back her. Later the PERM and I-140 got approved. Later she moved to another employer before 180 days passed. Now if H4 EAD gets revoked, can she go back to the employer who got the I-140 approved and apply for H1b?
  5. sp.dev

    H4 EAD and I-140 approved

    Thanks. Can she stay with current employer and apply for H1b extension using previous employer's I-140 approval?
  6. sp.dev

    H1b extension and H4

    Hello, My h1b expires in Sep2015 and have an I-140 to apply for extension. My wife's h1b is expiring in Nov 2015 and I need to file a h4 as her perm is still pending. So I am looking to apply both at the same time. If my h1b gets approved, will h4 be approved at the same time? or will it take months to get h4 approved like some others have posted?
  7. sp.dev

    H1B extension --> H4 renewal / H4 EAD application

    I think you can apply together based on what they mentioned in this link. http://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/employment-authorization-certain-h-4-dependent-spouses "For your convenience, you may file Form I-765 with Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, or with both Form I-539 and the H-1B principal nonimmigrant’s Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. However, USCIS will not process your Form I-765 (except filing fees) until after USCIS has adjudicated your Form I-539. The 90-day period for adjudicating Form I-765 filed together with Form I-539 does not begin until USCIS has determined whether you are eligible for the underlying H-4 nonimmigrant status, whether your spouse is eligible for the underlying H-1B nonimmigrant status, or both."
  8. Hello, I have my I-140 approved and would like to change my employer. Can I apply H4 EAD for my spouse before the new employer restarts the GC process? Assuming my old employer wont revoke the I-140. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I am H1b 6years will expire on Nov 2015. I have not filed my PERM (Labor) yet. Based on 365 days rule, do I still have time before Nov 2014 to file PERM ? Even if its pending by April 2015, Can I file for extension or do I have to wait until Oct 2015 to file for extension? Thanks, Dev
  10. sp.dev

    H1B 6year extension question

    I understand now, that I cannot file extension for April 2015. Lets say if I file now and my labor is pending till next october, I can file an extension in premium after october right? In case, labor gets approved in next 6months, I can file for extension (since my labor was applied beyond 1year) or go for I-140 and then file for extension, correct ?
  11. sp.dev

    I-140 Approval and H1B extension

    Thanks. I have to work with my employer so that they dont revoke it. They should be able to do it since I dont have an idea to leave them in normal scenario.
  12. sp.dev

    I-140 Approval and H1B extension

    Hello, I have I-140 approval and my H1b (6years) expires Sep 2015. My current project may complete in Feb 2015. If my employer cannot find another project and if I have to move to another employer, the transfer H1b will be for 3years ? or the new employer has to start my GC process to get 3years extension ? Thanks, SP
  13. Hello, Due to the govt shutdown, I am using my PTO. If the shutdown goes longer, my PTO will be exhausted and I will be on unpaid leave. If I am on unpaid leave, does it effect my h1b ? My employer will NOT terminate my job. How long can I continue on unpaid leave ?
  14. sp.dev

    Unpaid leave during govt shutdown

    I should have mentioned, I work as a subcontractor on a government project. I am a FT for my company though, so they asked me to use PTO until the project resumes. Now can you tell me ?
  15. Hello, I am with company A with whom I have my I-140 approved and my PD is feb 2011. Due to the retrogression, I would like to move to company B. If company A does not cancel my I-140, can I go back to company A when the dates get current and file for EAD/485 ? Do I need to update any documentation about my work with company B while filing? Thanks, SP!
  16. Hello, I read this statement in ofc requirement. "A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States" My h1b is from Oct 2012 - Sep2015. I am going to get my visa stamped on Nov30. However, my passport expires July 2014. So, if I am approved the visa, will it be until July 2014 ? what should I be doing next ? Thanks, SP
  17. Hello, Can I be out of US for stamping, meanwhile my priority date gets current ? Can I still apply I-485 from outside ? Thanks, sp
  18. sp.dev

    DS Form Question

    I am planning to travel in the month of february to India for my first stamping, I am in the process of filling DS160 form. I have the following question, Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? what should be the answer for this? I have my GC in process and my I-140 is approved. If i put yes and say that my i-140 is approved, what will be the impact on my stamping? Thanks, sp!
  19. sp.dev

    DS Form Question

    Thanks for the replies. @coolbuddy7 I am rethinking about my travel as the gc dates are moving briskly. Will let you know if I am going.