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  1. what was the RFE you have received ? Can you share some details ?
  2. Yes, Its likely approved . Enjoy!!
  3. Can you please share your experience . I have my friend with same situation and want to know your experience .
  4. Experts - I have valid I-797 with Expired H1-B Visa . Is it safe to travel to and fro from US Virgin Islands ? Will there be any Immigration check while travelling back to US mainland ? If Yes, then does it require Valid H1-B Visa along with I-797 ? Please let me know . Thanks
  5. rsriyans

    26th May Vancouver

    I had on the same day , i received on 29.
  6. rsriyans

    Can we go to Vancouver for H1 renewal?

    Yes , You can .
  7. Was this your first or extension ?
  8. Can you guys share your details..?? I m having interview on may 26 as well .
  9. rsriyans

    H1 Stamping with Vendor Letter.

    As your attorney mentioned it purely depends on the person who is interviewing . Its always better to carry all necessary documents . Prepare to answer all possible questions confidently in case if you do-not carry any documents that might be asked by VO
  10. Please to my profile to get my ID , i dont think we can add email address in the thread as it being blocked by moderator . http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/user/153307-h1bfolk/%C2'>
  11. Rajesh Reddy, Please visit my profile and email me your details . I dont think you can post you email id in this thread, its being blocked moderator .
  12. Thanks for the replies . I have got my Next extension approved on 1-140 for 3 years . Start date is next date after my current h1 end date.
  13. I have stamping in Vancouver on may 26 and will be reserving room in motel nearby consulate, if anyone wants for a shared accommodation reach me at '*************' at yahoo dot com