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  1. njvisastamp

    visitor visa DS-160 question

    I am currently on H1B and planning to apply for visitor visa for my parents . What should I mention in DS160 for occupation of my father ? , he used to have transportation business earlier but now he is out of it . He has a house in his name and currently gets rent income on it every month . Can I choose primary occupation as 'other' and mention that he is getting rent income . will this affect his chances of getting visa . Or should I choose as 'Business' and mention the transportation business ?
  2. njvisastamp

    H4 visa and H1b visa parallely

    Hi , I am on H1b and planning to get married in May , I will file for H4 for my wife in May . I am also planning to file H1B for my wife during this year April quota . Question : 1.Can she have H4 and file H1B at the same time ? 2. If so , can she come to US on H4 along with me in June while H1B petition is in progress.
  3. Hi Friends, I am planning to go for stamping on Jan 14th at toronto , let me know if anyone has plans around that time so we can share accomodation. -Raghav
  4. Hi Srini , I dont think it will be a problem since one of my colleague was also in same situation . He got his first H1 stamp in japan and never had h1b stamped in India . He went to vancouver and it was approved without any issues . he went for stamping in August 2012
  5. njvisastamp

    Hyderabad Stamping Experience

    Hi Rangadu, I am also planning to visit india and for stamping at chennai consulate . I am in confusion to go canada or india for stamping. I am hesitant to go canada becuase if I get stuck there then hotel( and other ) expenses will be high . Also I am planning to get married so thinking of getting stamped in india . I am on EVC model with vendor/client letters . I am working for same employer from past 3 yrs and same client for past 1.5 yers . Please suggest
  6. njvisastamp

    H1 stamping in India??

    Hi Naveen, I am on EVC and have client letter , I am planning visit to india and get stamping at chennai , please let me know if its safe for EVC with client letter to get stamping in india
  7. njvisastamp

    Mumbai Appointment

    Just checked the calendar for mumbai and it shows dates available on : Nov 30 Dec 3-7 Dec 10-14 jan 7,8,10,11 Jan 14-18 jan 22-24 Jan 29,31
  8. njvisastamp

    Successful stamping @chennai

    Hi rajicj, Congrats on ur visa stamping !! . Have few qs as I am also planning for visa stamp in chennai . Did you do ur MS in US and go for visa stamping to chennai ?
  9. njvisastamp

    Successful H1B stamping at Ottawa - Jan 17th

    Congrats skumar5 on getting visa approved !! , thanks for all your efforts on explaining your interview process. I have a question regarding H1B amendment , Did you had to get your H1B amended ?, is the VO looking specifically at the I129,LCA and the address in the client letter to see if they match ?.
  10. njvisastamp

    Stamping in Canada- without US degree

    Hi Ran, I am also in same situtation ( dont have US degree, got my first H1 stamp in india and in US for 3 yrs ) , please let me know if I can go to canada for stamping.