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  1. Find a real employer with whom you can work directly as a FT employee. Your employer A looks shady by not filing the amendment, which is mandatory in your case. Just by looking at your state income tax withholding you can make it out. Let your employer handle the situation and withdrawing your employer A H1 petition will make you out of status.
  2. sagi85

    Client Letter for H1 Stamping

    More importantly inform your vendor and client(including their HR/immigration team) to look out for any verification request.
  3. I'm hearing this for the first time, CPT at gas station. Why would you need CPT to work off-campus at a gas station? Any off-campus work during F1 is illegal and getting CPT for that kind of work makes the situation worse.
  4. sagi85

    H1b denail after RFE

    You cannot appeal for the rejection, your employer has to do it and there won't be definite timeline for the appeal, you may get the response with in a week or an year. Find a real employer with whom you can work directly as a FT employee.
  5. sagi85

    DS160 - H4 with both SSN & ITIN

    You cannot have both at the same time. After getting SSN you've to get the ITIN cancelled by mailing IRS.
  6. I think you can reenter with in a month based on this Murthy blog post. But I don’t know anybody personally who tried this. https://www.murthy.com/2018/03/26/contiguous-territory-rule-permits-reentry-from-canada-or-mexico-2/
  7. sagi85

    H1B Stamping - Tijuana, Mexico

    I'm also planning to go for stamping at Tijuana in June. Searched for any new interview experiences but didn't find any.
  8. sagi85

    H1 Situation

    I was employed thru employer A until 1/21 on H1B and they filed for my extension back in october and it eventually got Specialty Occupation RFE. Due to current denial rate, I found another employer B who filed for my transfer on 1/15 and moved to them on 1/22. My employer A's RFE response is ended up in denial on 2/6. Now I'm getting interviewed for a full time position at a product based company C who are willing to file for H1. Can they file for my H1 transfer based on the pending transfer petition to employer B? If that transfer petition gets denied after I move to employer C based on bridge transfer petition, will it effect any status of mine?
  9. sagi85

    Opt extension denied; H1 denied; Options

    How can they file cap exempt H1 do you've previously approved H1? As you're out of status, fast and easy thing is to go out of the country canada/mexico (preferably home country) and get H4 stamping and can come back with legal status, then your employer can file for H1 or if your spouse have approved i140 you can file for H4-EAD.
  10. I went to Mexico with valid US Visa, VO cancelled all my existing visas before starting the interview.
  11. sagi85

    My I-140 denied which was filed under EB1-C

    Can you let us know the reason of RFEs and denial? If you're eligible to EB-1C legitimately then your case won't be denied.
  12. We cannot post external links in this forum. Google myprioritydate, it seems they are predicting it based on the PD movement trends from the old visa bulletins.
  13. Even if HR213 bill makes on to the floors it will be killed before becoming the law, as we saw earlier on HR 3012. As per some website prediction my PD Jan 2013 will be current in May 2032. I think it is waste of time following any EB2 thread.