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  1. RazH1BStampin

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    tx Guys. I am planning to go in Feb, E-C model H1B renewal.
  2. RazH1BStampin

    Chennai Visa Stamping- EVC

    I am planning on mid-feb, H1B renewal, E-C Model.
  3. RazH1BStampin

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    shawnrulez/sg221g/diwakard , Is your stamping "Renewal" or "First Time stamping " ?
  4. RazH1BStampin

    221G's @Chennai DECEMBER Tracker

    Hi all Any 221G's been given at chennai during december 2011 ? Please share your experience here. That might help us. Thanks