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    Hi Guys, Had a H1B stamping at Chennai Consulate on Nov last week and after the interview , I was given a pink slip. VO told that it will take 4-8 weeks of time and she said that "I don't see any problem but your Visa has to be approved after administrative processing" I was tracking the Visa status day by day until Dec 18 and based on my experience Pink slip administrative processing will take sometimes between 3-4 weeks for 60% of the case and 4-7 weeks for 90% of the cases. In 2% of cases visa gets approved even in a weeks time. In my case I got after 3 weeks. I used to capture day today stamping in Excel sheet and used to know average turnaround time. Example: 15-Dec 13-Dec 12-Dec 2011346 xxx xx ISSUED 2011346 xxx xx PENDING PROCESS 2011346 xxx xx PENDING Here 2011 - Indicated year and 346 - Indicates some kind of Day counter , each day they increase number by 1. Since Chennai consulate publish tracking in PDF format ,it is easy to know the trend or Turn around time for Visa approval. I would see around 25 - 30 pending cases approved on daily basis and around 35 new cases added daily. Also 99 % of cases will get approved Visa. So when you guys plan for vacation make sure that you go for Visa stamping as soon as you arrive india. This will help to have some buffer time in case if VO issues pink slip or 221G. Also do not panic. Mostly you will get positive news soon. Hope this information will help. Best of luck for the people who are still waiting for response from the consulate.