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  1. sj2011

    Continuous Residency Question

    Thank you everyone for your inputs. I have mailed in mine and my spouse's application. Regarding, SS question. I have selected the option as "No" but provided registration number(wrote with pen as system did not allow upon selecting option No). To avoid any queries, I attached two letters one from SSS with registration details and another with self explanation(disclosure of registration). Hope all goes well! Thanks Pavneet
  2. sj2011

    Continuous Residency Question

    Hello Senior members, Can you please assist with above queries? Thanks,
  3. sj2011

    Late Filing of Tax Returns

    Thank you for the inputs pontevecchio and JoeF . Really appreciate your assistance. Thanks!
  4. Hello Experts, Regarding Qn 7 (A) on n400: Have you EVER not filed a federal, state, or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident? I have filed my tax returns late (Sept) during couple of years (sough extensions) - generally getting return on federal taxes and owed on state taxes. would this be considered as not filed (considering not on time in april)? Qn7B: If 7A is answered, would you consider your to be a non-US resident? Yes/No? I meant to answer NO on both questions since I have filed all the taxes (although late with extensions). Does that sound correct to you? Your expert views are highly appreciated! Thanks! Thanks,
  5. Hello Experts, My GC (EB2) application was approved on 2/18/2012. My spouse’s application was approved on the same day. As I understand, we are eligible to file for citizenship 11/23/2016 (90 day early file rule). My travel history is- Total 130 days out of US since 2012 (9 trips with longest trip of 40 days)- I don’t think there is any issue here. However, regarding my spouse’s application (although I think she meets the eligibility criteria), I need your inputs/validations if there’ll be any issues during interview or application process considering her trips were of slightly longer duration (although less than 180 days each time) Here are her trips: May 2016 – July 2016 (60 days) Dec 2015 (3 days) July 2015 (4 days) Sep 2014 – Jan 2015 (107 days) Nov 2012 – Feb 2013 (94 days) April 2012 – June 2012 (60 days) Total: 328 days out of US as of today First Question Now that we are doing early filing (in next few days) – do you foresee any issues with application or interview with respect to continuous residency requirement (especially for time away during 2012-2014)? Do we need to wait for sometime to file? Second question (separate topic), selective service ( qn:are you a male who live in US between 18 and 26?)- I was in US between age of 18 and 26 but on H1 Visa. I thought I need to answer Qn 44 (A) as NO - as it clearly says it does not include living in US as lawful non-immigrant). However, I went to selective service website to look myself up and found that my name is registered there. Not sure how I got registered, may be inadvertently registered when getting drivers license. QN is - What should I answer 44A ( Yes or NO ) in this situation? If answer NO, do I need to provide registered date or registration number in 44B? Your expert inputs are highly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. sj2011

    name change in passport

    Thanks Belle!
  7. sj2011

    name change in passport

    Thanks Belle! On a different note - after 485 approval, do we need to get any stamp in passport or actual card is everything? I read few places, that people go to local uscis office and get there passport stamped?
  8. sj2011

    name change in passport

    Hi Friends, Just wanted to give an update. Our 485 applications just got approved and waiting for cards. Related to this discussion - my wife's name printed as her married on EAD so I am expecting GC prints with her married name too. However, her Indian passport still has her maiden name. So we are planning to update the name on her passport to married name as well. Now that our GC is approved do you foresee any issues for updating name on passport and getting passport reissued after GC approval? Do we have to notify USCIS on passport updates/renewal after GC approval?
  9. sj2011

    name change in passport

    Thank you friends. Issue with me is AOS is already pending. If we change name on passport Then passport would differ from copies sent to Uscis and may add to confusion. We'll try to get state I'd updated with married name before fp so that any issues at Fp can be avoided. On I485 I will wait for uscis to come back. Will keep u posted.
  10. sj2011

    name change in passport

    Hi Friends, I have similar issue. My wife's Passport shows her maiden name (only first name, her last name is blank in passport). Her H4 and Visa is issued with FNU NAME But in our I485 application we have used her married name - meaning we added my last name. First name is same as passport. I understand if we attach marriage certificate with I485 application and use the married name, then there should not be any issues. 1. Don't you think USCIS would be able to link it using marriage certificate? 2. We have received FP notices where we have to take ID, we are planning to take passport with marriage certificate- would that work? 3. We do not want to get last name added in PPT while I485 is pending as that may further complicate situation - any advise? 4. Would I be able to get state ID with married name - using Current name in PPT and Marriage Certificate? Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated!
  11. Thank you friends. Actually I got receipts yesterday. Good thing is they did not send the package back. relieved now.
  12. Hello friends, My PD became current in Dec bulletin. My employer's attorney sent my 485 application to wrong address - TX service cntr. instead of lockbox fascility. Fedex confimation provides details of delivery and persson who signed. Upon calling USCIS I found out that application would either be rejected or forwarded to correct address. They said I have to wait 30 days and see what happens. My package was recd by USCIS on 12/8. I have not heard anything so far. Neither my cheecks got encashed. Anyone with any information on this? Any experiences what USCIS generally does- re-route or reject? Please help? I am not sure what can I do other than waiting? Please respond attorney/members Thanks..