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  1. Hi, My perm was filed in April this year.I was a senior software engineer that time.Now in July I might get promoted to next level (i.e master software engineer). i want to know :- 1) Implications of this on the pending perm. 2) what are the options i have. my 5th year ending date is Nov this year.
  2. kattu786

    H1 stamping

    The stamping doesn't depend on the consulate.If you have all the necessary paperwork/docs you need not to worry.
  3. kattu786

    COS H4 to H1

    your pay stub ? In case of H4-H1 COS , you can not work until H1 is approved and paystubs are not required from beneficiary.
  4. kattu786

    H4 to H1 COS without paystubs

    My view was that a COS is only granted when I have been maintaining status in US.A couple of years back when I did a L1-H1 COS paystubs were required.Since my status is dependent on spouse , I thought they would verify her status via paystubs.
  5. kattu786

    H4 to H1 COS without paystubs

    Hi, I am currently on H4.Recently an employer has filed cap-exempt H1 petition for me but the attorney didn't ask for my spouse paystubs .I have two queries :- 1) Can this lead to an RFE (asking for a valid status proof) 2) Once the COS is approved , is it mandatory for me to join on the same day or as per the 30/60 rule, can i join with in 60 days ?
  6. kattu786

    H4 to h1 Transfer

    Well..there is nothing as H1 transfer.An employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you using the old cap number and you will get 6 years minus the time you spent in US on H1.If you want file a cap subject petition you will have to wait till next yr when the quota opens and you will come under masters exemption.
  7. kattu786

    H4 to H1 COS, probable issue

    I think u would be ok.
  8. kattu786

    H1 and L1 duration

    The visa will be stamped depending on the petition.However , the max duration you can stay in US on H1 is 3 years since you have already spent 3 years on L1. If you take a year gap and go for stamping the situation is the same.If you want to get 6 years the petition should be filed at least 365 days since your last exit from US.
  9. kattu786

    2007 Quota H1B

    Yes , Employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you.Employer would be needing your old I797 with other relevant documents like your educational transcripts.Since you are in India you don't need payslips.Once the H1 is approved you have to get it stamped and travel.
  10. kattu786

    Query regd. Salary when working remote from India

    1) You can expect that but I don't think it will be usual. 2) He can pay you in USD if you are not in US.Obviously, you have to take care of tax calculations.I think you have to stay India till Feb. 3) For this you have to discuss with the employer.
  11. If you have not received any intimation till now , there are more chances of not being selected in the lottery.Talk to your employer.
  12. I don't think there should be any issues.Carry all the relevant docs so that you can present them if asked.
  13. I don't see any issues.You can travel.You status will change effective 1st Oct 2014.
  14. A - Yes , you can ask for H1-B from C. B - If your spouse has a valid I-94 you don't need to ask her for her extn from B or C.But its good if you apply her with yours. C- Yes
  15. kattu786

    H1-B quota

    Going by above information..Any employer can file a cap-exempt petition and it basically be a COS from H4 to H1.She is good to start once her H1 is approved