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  1. Should I send her the existing H1B docs scanned copies?: Yes, doesn't harm to carry additional documents.

    Can she carry the existing H1B papers as well with her for the interview?: yes, why not.... she can carry as many documents she want

  2. 1. Its always a NEW petition, however if you have a new employer they can file your CAP exempt petition and you can start working upon approval.

    2. You were counted towards the cap so you wont fall under the quota now

    3. You cannot get back to your previous H1b as it was revoked

  3. Doesn't matter..... all uscis cares about that she maintained her status at the time of filling of H4..... i.e. she should have paystubs for past 3 months that all they care about....

    She should NOT quit the job untill the Change of Status petition is received by the USCIS, in case if you receive RFE she would be in trouble, quit only AFTER the application is received by them and y'all have receipt number

  4. 1. There is NO Grace period on H1.

    2. You can start working wtih B since they have approved petition for you starting 16 Jan 2012 as long as company B is ready to take you, you can work with them and you should be good....

  5. There is No 180 days rule......

    You will be considered out of status when you file for h1 transfer to another company, because USCIS is surely going to ask you about paystubs and since you dont have one....you are out of status.....

    There is nothing you can do, you are already out of stauts.... even if you file for H1-h4 they wont approve COS because paystubs are missing....

    Contact immigration attorney asap