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  1. If I were you ... I would have asked her to travel to US on B2 Visa (I am assuming it to be a 10 year multiple entry) Once she is here she will have a new I-94.



    DO NOT make her come on b2 and then change status to h4, that would raise a red flag with immigration, B1/2 is visitor visa with non immigration intent, and if she applies for COS her in usa to H4 that will cause range of issues for her during future stamping and GC....

    It is completely ok for her to go for H4 stamping without your h1 being stamped.

  2. There is nothing like transfer, its always a new petition. Since you were counted towards the CAP in the past, this time round when employer B files for your H1 B petition it will be cap exempt and since u are in UK right now, your petition will be approved thru consular processing, you might need to go for stamping again if your current stamp has expired and upon arrival you can start working..

    You are not subject to the quota