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  1. better go canada dont ruin ur future by coming india..

    Do not travel unless you have to + do not follow the above suggestion here is why

    1. In Canada as well they have started issuing 221 g for EVC models, So dont be under the impression that everthing in canada is bright and sunny

    2. It sets wrong precedent... they are going to figure out that ppl are taking shortcuts for stamping and all and they will get strict in canada as well sooner or later, then ppl will suggest go to Europe for stamping....

    simple advise, do not travel unless you have to

  2. Also JoeF, i can ask the vendor to hold payments and not pay him. Correct ? usually vendors have a 45 day window before they pay or what ? Please let me know how best can this situation be handled.

    You cannot do that, your employer can sue the vendor....and vendor might be in trouble... Issue between you and your employer is non of vendors concerns....as long as you work, he gets paid and he pay your employer

  3. See no one can predict what will happend with your application, utlimately you will need GC start the process if your employer is ready, take one step at a time. Take the very next step in front of you and see where it leads, eventually you will be where you have to be...

  4. 1. As long as your petition was filied on timely basis, you will fall under cap-gap.

    2. You Cannot work if your petition is rejected, Premium Processing is always beneficial you get to know the status within 15 calendar days..

    3. You can still apply for OPT extension with the same employer if he gets everified... Your h1 start date is going to be 1st Oct...

    If i were you and not sure of the approval... i would get my employer into everify, then get opt extended, file for h1 and wait for result.

  5. Is your home in the same Metropolitan area as that of work location on LCA? If yes then its ok.

    As long as you have medical proof and reason's for ill health that you cannot work on it should be fine.

    In case if there is a site visit make sure your manager tells the truth and the situation

    Yes, the above mentioned notice is included in all recent H1 approvals nothing to worry about

    Talk to an attorney what is the best solution

  6. If you are doing premium processing you are likely to recive approval by april, if you are working full time and not cosulting....

    If you do not receive approval, You should NOT travel, because then your extension of stay cannot be granted since you are outside the US and you will have to go thru consular processing.....

    To take the date, you will need approved petition information so you need to wait

  7. 1. Chances of approval depend on the credibility of your new employer. If the employer and in house work is legit you shoudnt have problem with stamping.. They will have your information regarding previous denials so don’t lie.

    2. You can choose to go to any consulate, there is no rule. Ideally, you should go to the consulate that handles jurisdiction to your place. There is nothing like this consulate is better than the other one, it all depends on your case.

    Good Luck !!

  8. There might be 2 possible problems with your application:

    1. Education qualification and field of work do not match... Expect an RFE and be ready to prepare for the same.

    2. Looks like u are working as a consultant (EVC or EC model): You might get RFE on client letter and employer employee relationship