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  1. shouldn't be a problem, take all the paperwork of Company X, also they might have a press release stating that two companies merged, keep it along if they ask..... Ask HR for continued employment letter stating that company X is now Company Y You should be fine with your travels.
  2. Chitown01

    LCA filing address and Payroll for remote working on H1B

    Ideally LCA has to be of the Work Location.. If you work at 2 locations LCA should have mention of both those locations....
  3. Job title wont matter... job responsibilities are important if you responsibilities change then employer should file an amendment
  4. Chitown01

    H1-B Transfer - Payroll Issues

    1. Yes you can get paid from employer A, since you worked for them for the first week. 2.
  5. Job title is irrelevant.... What matter's is the Responsibilities.... If youir responsibilities have changed then your employer has to file for an amendment.
  6. Chitown01

    H1 transfer from Company X to company Y

    Yes, you can under AC-21 portability. I'm assuming that you were in valid status (i.e. getting paid regularly) when Y filed for change of employer.
  7. Chitown01

    H1B transfer without Stamping

    Gaint desi IT companies have problems of their own.... ******* is already on US govt radar for visa violations and allll .... Be careful Good Luck !!
  8. There is nothing like a better consulate for EVC model, all of them are equally strict... it all depends on the day of interview, your case, VO officer and your luck
  9. Chitown01

    Stamping in Australia

    As long as consulate in Australian city allows you to get stamped.. check on their website.
  10. Chitown01

    Can I go to stamping without Client letter ?

    Considering you have EVC model, chances of getting 221 g is high.... + if you dont have client letter they might even reject visa Try getting a letter from manager or co-worker duly signed stating you work there and your responsiblites are XYZ and your title.
  11. Chitown01

    Re-entering US after 2 years gap - H1B Visa Valid.

    You Cannot apply for renewal, Employer has to, so if you have an employer who is ready to file your H1, they can do a fresh petition which will be CAP Exempt. 1. Yes renewal can happen from india as well 2. since you are in india, your peition will be for h1 b classification With Consular Processsing since you are NOT in the US and hence No need of I-94 4. During stamping if they ask, you will have to answer ....tell the truth 5. Direct Full time employment chances of approval are high with 3 yrs... EVC/EC consulting vey less chances of approval and even if petition is approved you will have hard time with stamping 6. No set time frame....
  12. Chitown01

    H1-B denial and re-application

    Was this your first time h1 b application? If yes, then you will have to wait till April1st, 2012 to file for new H1 and you can start working on H1 from Oct 1, 2012. (This is because your petition was denied, it is not counted towards the CAP)
  13. Did you receive Approval e-mail? or this is just the online status? Online Statuses tend to be unreliable but in your case i would suggest continue working, it shouldn't be a problem.....
  14. Chitown01

    H1B under 221(g) - planning for H4

    1. Yes you can apply for h4 while h1 is pending. 2. mention that your family (spouse) is in the USA and would like to spend time with him/her
  15. Chitown01

    H1B stamping

    Check with the Consulate before you go for stamping and alll... Also, if you are on EVC or EC model avoid travelling to thrid countries for staming... lot of 221(g)'s and ppl are getting stucked
  16. Chitown01

    need guidance on H1-B stamping

    As long as you can prove to the VO that you recently started with the new employer and have all the pay stubs since the start date... You should be fine.... Take previous year's W2 as welll just in case
  17. Chitown01

    H1B transfer / Out of Status (Urgent)

    I think so, but there is a sliver lining some ppl say if you I-94 has expired then you start accquring illegal stay ... Check with attorney
  18. Chitown01

    H1 Query

    1st October start date is for CAP subject petitions, yours is CAP exempt so.... F1 Does Not count towards H1 While filling your attorney would calculate time and all
  19. Chitown01

    H1B transfer query

    From what i understand atleast 3 recent paystubs are required, You can start the process of h1 transfer with new employer, the process might take additional 15-20 days in which you may receive another paystub In the application your attorney can mention that you recenlty joined the new company and per company payroll policy u have all the paystbs required.
  20. Chitown01

    A day gap between old & new H-1Bs

    It shouldn't be a problem
  21. Chitown01

    L1B denied applying for H4

    @ pontevecchio - i assume your comment is on energyguy and not me :-)
  22. What about L1 to H1 stamping? Can we go to Canada.:Yes
  23. Just avoid doing something that might get you in trouble later on... It might not even be an issue Chillax
  24. Chitown01

    Stamping in Canada or in India

    you can go to any consulate in Canada, since you are full time you shouldn't have any problem....... Make sure you have current offer letter and paystubs