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  1. Chitown01

    H4 stamping

    From what i understand the they would stamp based on the petition start date
  2. Chitown01

    H1B Visa Stamping in Canada Please help

    No one can predict the chances its all based on case to case basis However, if you both are working full time there shouldn't be any issues EVC, EC, EVVC models are like to face more scrutiny.
  3. Chitown01

    H1B sent back to USCIS, Second time 221G White

    Anywhere between 2 weeks to couple of months...depends on case to case basis
  4. Chitown01

    Visa Rejected - what options do I have?

    As long as your employer is ok with you working in india it should be fine however there are several other implications of it as well like for example tax implication and you status while working wtih him Yor H4 will have no bearing on your h1 petition's review.
  5. Its highly unlikely that consulate will grant him f2 visa when you are on OPT....
  6. Chitown01

    Visa Rejected - Can I go for new H1 stamping?

    Yes you can
  7. Chitown01

    H1B Regular October Processing got RFE

    1. When your attorney replies to the RFE, they can upgrade to premium processing. 2. Yes 3. doesn't matter
  8. Chitown01

    Travelling to India while H1 approval pending

    It is not advisible to travel when extension is pending.... if you are in india and h1 gets approved, you will have to get it STAMPED before you can enter us on h1... you can anytime return on l2 but cannot work untill your h1 is stamped... Again, you should AVOID travelling while petition is pending
  9. Chitown01

    H1b-F1- want to go to H1b

    since you had h1 in the past, you are already counted towards the quota so you are now cap exempt Yes, as soon as you get approval you can start working Its always a new petition, the only difference is it will be cap exempt.
  10. Chitown01

    Paid for H-1B

    Launch a complain with DOL
  11. Chitown01

    Recieved incorrect H1B approval form

    If you are in the US then you have received the correct approval notice, I-797 A is approval with extension of stay for ppl in the US I-797 B is approval thru consular processing for ppl who are abroad and need visa stamping to come in the states and start working
  12. Chitown01

    H1B-H4 dilemma! - Changed decisions 100 times

    DO NOT make her come on b2 and then change status to h4, that would raise a red flag with immigration, B1/2 is visitor visa with non immigration intent, and if she applies for COS her in usa to H4 that will cause range of issues for her during future stamping and GC.... It is completely ok for her to go for H4 stamping without your h1 being stamped.
  13. Chitown01

    H1 New Petition

    There is nothing like transfer, its always a new petition. Since you were counted towards the CAP in the past, this time round when employer B files for your H1 B petition it will be cap exempt and since u are in UK right now, your petition will be approved thru consular processing, you might need to go for stamping again if your current stamp has expired and upon arrival you can start working.. You are not subject to the quota
  14. Chitown01

    H1b to GC

    Not very sure but uscis usually forgives status violations if they are under 180 days in the past.... but looks like u worked for 6.5 months so not sure Contact an attorney and sort it out
  15. I dont think she should even attempt to go for h4 untill your case is resolved...how will visa officer approve her visa when principals visa is under admin processing? common sense question
  16. Chitown01

    H1B-H4 dilemma! - Changed decisions 100 times

    She can go for H4 stamping any time with appropriate documents, it is not necessary that you have your H1 b Stamped, she will need I-797 paystubs and company related docs Not visa stamps
  17. Chitown01

    H1-B Transfer..need your input..

    there is nothing like transfer its always a new petition and since you previous was approved you were counted towards the cap so this petition might be cap exempt. please contact a qualified immigration attorney and they will take care of it.
  18. Chitown01

    H-1B Extension - India Vacation

    It is Not advisiable to travel when extension petition is in process, because when you re-enter you will have a new new I-94 it will create unnecessary confusion and RFE's better file thru Premium Processing now or after you return
  19. Chitown01

    H1B amendment after RFE

    Yes, you can request premium processing by paying the fees. Either you or your employer can pay premium processing fee
  20. Chitown01

    H1B amendment and application of premium processing

    Yes, you can upgrade to premium processing anytime
  21. Check with your attorney if you can do so
  22. Chitown01

    Visa Stamping in Mumbai and how sooner?

    Are you currently in the US? If yes, then you should immediately leave for stamping to Mumbai and upon arrival start working with the company.
  23. Chitown01

    Do we need different appointments for H1 and H4?

    No, make while filling DS 160 you can add your spouse to the appointment as well
  24. Chitown01

    Got H1B stamping

    As long as your have valid job offer to work in the US, there should be No problem