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  1. You should continue working with your current employer since extension petition is filed thru him in timely fashion and i believe that the 240 day rule is correct as well. I'm not sure if you can do AC-21 portability on receipt because your I-94 will have been expired by then. Check with the Attorney before you decide to start working with employer B. In the mean while if employer B get approval thru Premium you are free to join him, i wont advise join employer B on receipt..
  2. Company B can surely apply for your h1 Your petition of extension was submitted to uscis before i-94 expiry so you are good. When B applies for h1, they should use the most recent receipt number from A i.e the one with rfe.
  3. Chitown01

    H1b visa stamping - File Transfer needed?

    When your employer i.e. attorney files your H1 B Petition, they also submit a Duplicate Copy of petition, which is clearly marked "DUPLICATE". Once USCIS approves your petition, USCIS will send the duplicate copy to Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). KCC will enter the petition and approval information in PIMS. When you go for visa, VO will verify if that information is present in PIMS and then grant you visa. They no longer rely on the approval Notices from the applicant. They verify using number and PIMS.
  4. Chitown01

    Canada Visa - New York

    In person, in a day... Check the consulate timings and be right there when they open submit documents and you should receive stamped visa by mid afternoon.... obviously if everything goes well
  5. No, on return you can use the previous stamp and New I-797
  6. Chitown01

    H1 B Amendment ?

    LCA takes 5-7 days for approval Then your attorney will take 2-3 days to apply Once packet reaches it takes 2-3 for receipt number generation. If Premium Processing - You will get receipt number in email in 2 days Approval/RFE/Denial in 15 days If Regular Processing - You will get receipt in 2-4 weeks Appoval/RFE/Denial in 2-4 months DO PREMIUM PROCESSING... since you have deadline issues.
  7. Chitown01

    H1B Transfer when Extension is pending

    Yes, you can !!
  8. Chitown01

    Working in home country on H1

  9. Chitown01

    attending online school while on H1B

    Yes, thats fine.
  10. Chitown01

    H1B Delay and Transfer

    Why dont you Update the application to Premium Processing? You should have an answer in 2 weeks. 1. You can however, since your I-94 has expired, there might be complications. Probably you will have to include the most recent (pending) receipt #. Consult an attorney. 2. EVC approval is difficult now a days, RFE is guaranteed + even if it get approved it will be for 1 year only 3. Does'nt matter
  11. Chitown01

    H1B transfer with COS

    Yes, New employer can file Change of Status petition for you and use previous approved H1, to make you CAP Exempt. However, you cannot start working until your petition is approved. And if you want to start working immediately after approval, you need to file COS and Extension of Stay.
  12. Chitown01

    Travel on Original H1B with Amendment approved

    As long as petition is valid and A has a job offer for you you can
  13. Chitown01

    regd H1-B Layoff and travelling back to India

    If you decide to leave you generally have 10 days to wind up things here and go.
  14. Chitown01

    F1 -> H1B Desi Consultancy

    Sounds like another desi consulting company... If you dont provide the name of the company, how can someone suggest if the company is just another desi consulting or NOT checkout www.*******.com and ********.com for reivews.
  15. Chitown01

    Very Weird -- Urgent Help Needed

    KuKu82 is CORRECT, if you are changing your status you CANNOT start working with Receipt Number, you need approval (notice or email). Unless you are authorized to work on Current Status....
  16. Chitown01

    H1B filing employer criteria

    CAP GAP applies only for petitions with Start Date of Oct 1
  17. A. Submit all your paystubs, if you previous employer has not yet revoked the petition you might get lucky... But Chances are they might ask for further paystubs, so just be prepared.... There is No guarantee that they will overlook missing paystubs but it all depends. Good Luck !!
  18. If they ask Tell the Truth.... You might have questions regarding E-E relationship, Not sure if they will look so closely at paystubs but yes they will ask abt client location and how u report to current employer
  19. Chitown01

    H1 transfer while H1 extension in pending.

    @ PR1008: If you continue working with your current employer.....Extension with A is denied and B is willing to transfer, they can still transfer.... Also, B can initate transfer, when A's petition is pending as well.... Not an issue.
  20. Chitown01

    F to H1 General Quota Premium Processing

    Register for the quater to be on safe side Just in case petition gets denied you will be in status You can withdraw from School later on
  21. With or without premium you will NEED client letter. You will surely get an RFE The only difference is with premium you will get it in a week and with regular after 2-3 months
  22. Employer is NOT liable for stamping expenses. The only expense he is liable for is all fees related to h1 petition and your one way return trip fare if he fires you before h1 end date on your petition. Even if you are with consulting company on salary basis or % basis, they r not liable