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  1. Chitown01

    LCA filing address and Payroll for remote working on H1B

    1. Your employer should file LCA for the work location i.e. Denver 2. Yes same state
  2. Chitown01

    H1b remainder question!

    Yes, if you have an employer who is ready to file a petition for you, you will be cap exempt since you were counted towards the CAP in the past. Total stay on H1 is 6 yrs... You have used approx 2.5 -3 yrs you will be able to claim the reminder.
  3. Chitown01

    LCA and Work location

    You will Need 1. a New LCA AND 2. a H1 B amendment petition Is your client changing ? Are your work responsibilities changing? Is location A and B in same metropolitan area? Actually whenever there is any material change with your employment, a new lca and amended h1 petition is required.
  4. Chitown01

    H1 B transfers

    You can choose not to join Y altogeather You have upto 60 days to join new employer, else they will no longer be liable for your h1. Also, you can continue with X, if their petition is still active.
  5. Chitown01

    Duration of H1B visa for H4 holder

    Most recent petition number is required on I-129, also required is a photocopy of previous approval notices. Talk to new attorney to what you can submit and what you cannot.
  6. Chitown01

    H1b exempt

    Yes, if your employer B is ready to file H1, your new petition will be cap exempt because you were counted in the past. You can start working only after approval.
  7. Chitown01

    H1b Transfer

    1.Do not include that experience 2. They might not even notice it
  8. Chitown01

    H1B transfer without Stamping

    If you plan to transfer to desi consulting company then good luck with approval, now a days uscis is very strict on them and does NOT approve petition that easily + even if they do they will approve for 1 year only... If you go out for stamping with desi employer... you will surely get 221 g and chances of rejection are way tooo high Your callll...
  9. Chitown01

    Time taken for LCA approval

    5-7 business days
  10. Chitown01

    L1B denied applying for H4

    H4 is dependent visa L1 is work visa... They are totally different classification..... Its easier to get dependent visa... as long as YOUR paperwork is in order
  11. Chitown01

    H1B cancelled against H4 visa.

    Since you had an approved H1 petition in the past you are Now CAP EXEMPT.... if you have a new employer in the USA they can file your H1 peittion as CAP EXEMPT and apply for COS. You can start working upon approval
  12. Chitown01

    H1B stamping in Canada Approved in 2011

    Its a risk.. Are you into consulting ? EVC? if so then you should read visa stamp forums where ppl are getting tonns of 221g's full time employment will not have problem
  13. Chitown01

    W2 shows less than LCA

    You will NOT be in trouble, you were NOt aware of it.... Your employer will be in S**T. Transfer to new employer file complain get your right ful $ back
  14. Chitown01

    Duration of H1B visa for H4 holder

    1. There is nothing like H1 transfer, it is always a new petition. You are cap exempt thats true, let say next month you find a new job and employer is ready to do your h1, they will file for your petition which will be cap exempt and you can start working only after approval. 2. It would be the employer filing for new H1 b with change of status nothing else...
  15. Chitown01

    Visiting India before H4 extension approval

    1. Yes, you cannot return until decision on extension petition has been made. You might need stamping as well. 2. Yes, since your extension was filed in timely manner you have upto 240 days to stay in US till you hear about the decision on extension 3. No 4. No
  16. 1. Yes 2. Nothing specific have the client letter contracts pay stubs offer letter 3. Yes full time is always the safest option
  17. Chitown01

    DS-160 question - who will pay for the trip.

    Self Employer does not have to pay for stamping fees and alll
  18. Chitown01

    H1B job role change query

    When ever your work responsibilities change you need an H1-B amendment.... As long as your job and company is legit no problem in approval GC check with your employer and attorney
  19. 1. When does your current petition and/or I-94 expire? If they are active and will be for sometime, then yes you can apply for transfer with the current extension being pending... However, if current petition is about to expire or has already expired, you will have to wait till the extension gets approved and then apply for transfer. Remember there is nothing like Transfer, it is always a new petition which is cap exempt
  20. Chitown01

    H1 Query

    1. You were on H1 in past, so your prospective new employer can file for your H1 anytime as CAP exempt and you can start as soon as it gets approved. 2. No
  21. on H1 you cannot work with 2 employers at the same time.... unless there is concurrent wrk petition in place
  22. Chitown01

    H4 Questions

    Will there be any issues: Are you on EVC model ? If yes, then there will be issue with stamping, they are strict with issuing visa's for EVC model even H4's.
  23. Chitown01

    H1B transfer / Out of Status (Urgent)

    Yes, you are out of status.... There is nothing like "transfer" there is always a new petition.... you will need to get paid all the time, even if your employer is going to inform uscis after 30days.... If you find employment and new employer files for H1, you will have to submit all paystubs, w/o paystubs, uscis might approve petition but deny extension of stay and you will need to get stamping done and re enter There is NO grace period on H1
  24. Chitown01

    H1B Denied 2011 October

    With Desi Consulting companies it is hard to get h1 approval because uscis seeks employer employee relation client lettter etc.... Answer's to your Questions. 1. Not worth it, it will again get rejected. find a new employer. 2. Very Less... 3. doesn't matter...