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  1. Chitown01

    H1b Transfer Need Help

    1. Since "transfer" to company B wasn't approved, its like a bridge petition. So even if Company C's petition is approved, extension of stay can be denied and you will have to stop working immediately go back get a valid visa stamp and return to work. 2. Employment in the US is at will. You can just resign and walk off. 3. What's your I-94 expiration date? That's the most valid date till which you can work.
  2. Chitown01


    Turn the CAPS OFF! Regular processing it can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to get the receipt in the mail.
  3. Chitown01

    Bridge petition for H1B

    1. Why would the company ask USCIS to do so? And why would USCIS oblige? Its regular processing it might take forever to get a response on such a request. 2. No 3. No 4. No 5. Yes
  4. Chitown01

    H1B Amendment denied

    By any chance did you talk to your employers attorney? These questions are best answered by them. Relying on a forum for response is not advisable.
  5. Chitown01

    Name misspelled in my I797-B approval notice

    Not really, it sounds like an clerical error they should be able to fix it.
  6. Chitown01

    H-1-B- Transfer-Amen-dment -Ques-tion

    1. If transfer gets rejected you have 60 days to find another employer and/or get out. 2. You CANNOT go back to the old employer. When you stopped working for them, they were required by law to notify USCIS that you stopped working for them. Even if they did not, you did not maintain a status with them, so you cannot go back.
  7. Hello, If you are working for a legit company and they have all the paperwork sorted out no problem in applying thru regular or premium processing. Are you working for a shady desi consulting company?
  8. Chitown01

    PIMS Verification @Jamaica ?

    There is no way for you to know if PMIS is updated or not. Your attorney would have sent a duplicate copy of I-129 along with the original petition. If your application was approved 9 months ago, dont worry, it would have been updated. My application was approved in august and stamping was done in first week of dec successfully via dropbox.
  9. Chitown01

    H1B Stamping 221g

    Are you working on internal projects? or a client? If you are working on internal project, you need to send project documentation like what the project is ,scope, deliverable your duties etc.. Any documentation that proves that you are wroking on a legit internal project.
  10. Chitown01

    H1 B dropbox eligibility

    No. It has to be same employer. When you submit your documents at dropbox, they are going to check previous visa stamp and compare the employer name on that petition versus the new one.
  11. I wanted to share my H1-B renewal stamping expereince at the Bombay Consulate via Dropbox. My Case: H1-B renewal, same company, same class. Documents taken at the Visa Application Center: Dropbox Confirmation Letter DS-160 Passport Copy of Approved I-797 A One Recent Passport Photo They did not take any other documents. They were NOT interested in looking at anything. They returned the confirmation letter with signature on it as a proof of acceptance. Sequence of Events: Dec 1 - Submitted Documents via Dropbox (Took 5 mins start to finish) Dec 2 - Passport was delivered to the consulate. Case was created and tracking was now available at the consulate website. Status: Ready Dec 3 - Passport Still at the consulate. Status: Admin Processing Dec 4 - Passport Still at the consulate. Status: Issued Dec 4 - At 3:00 pm, received email that passport is ready for pick up Dec 5 - Picked up passport When you go to pick up your passport, carry a copy of dropbox confirmation letter and copy of government issued id card with your signature and passport number written on it. They return all the documents with the passport i.e. copy of I-797 A and your photograph. If your case is of H1 Renewal with a direct FTE company, just go for dropbox. No Hassle Process. Takes upto 5 days to get everything done, but no fingerprinting, no interview, nothing. Dont worry about "Admin Processing" status, they show that status when they are processing your application, does not necessarily mean 221(g).
  12. Chitown01

    Chennai vs Vancouvar?

    Go to your home country... if you are on EVC model and you get 221 g you will get stuck in Canada
  13. If the location is in different Metro area then new lca and amendment is required because prevaling wage in that area might be different
  14. There is nothing like transfer its always a new petition and since you were counted towards the cap, you will be cap exempt now... Employer C can file cap exempt petition for you any time and upon approval you can start working
  15. Chitown01

    Can H1B work for ***** as an IBO?

    if you are going to make $ then NO
  16. You can safely travel no issues at POE, apply for extension once u are back
  17. Chitown01

    H1B pending forever...

    You mean to say that your H1b that was applied in 2008 was rejected and your employer filed MTR? Ask you employer to file for a new H1b
  18. Chitown01

    Do i qualify for EB2? please respond

    Its not necessary that you need masters + 5 yr for Eb2, Masters + 2-3 is fine too but depends on job requirements
  19. file new lca for new location and file h1 amendment
  20. Chitown01

    L1 and H1B visa query

    Y has to file for change of status from l1 to h1.....which can be applied on 1st april. and if it gets approved you can start working with y only on 1st Oct.
  21. Chitown01

    New H1B suggestions

    There is nothing like transfer, its always a new petition.... it will be difficult for you to get h1 approval with consulting...ask client directly to file for new h1 and you should be good
  22. Chitown01

    H1B from two companies

    There is nothing like transfer, its always a new petition.... it will be difficult for you to get h1 approval with consulting...ask client directly to file for new h1 and you should be good
  23. Chitown01

    H1b Paystub

    You salary has to be greater than or equal to the LCA filling if you are getting less than LCA filling you wil be in trouble....
  24. Chitown01

    H1b paystub

    There shouldn't be a problem, you can apply for change of employer i.e. transfer and can start working on the reciept... it wud be safer if you get premium processing and wait till approval
  25. Chitown01

    L1 to H1 COS last rule apply doubt

    Nopes, if you start working with B you should be fine