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  1. shawnrulez

    H4 EAD lost. Have a soft copy though

    Hi My wife recently lost her H4 EAD card during a car accident. Does she needs to apply again for the replacement and pay the fee? We have a soft copy of the same and not sure when she gets a job the employer asks for a hard copy? Please help and provide guidance. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm going to India for my sisters marriage and I have to go for my H1 first time stamping. Right now I'm on EVC model and sad part is my contract is going to end next month. 1. If I get a client letter, do they email to the same email address which was mentioned or do they contact the HR directly? I can ask my manager to reply positively and ask her to hold my contract till I return back to US. 2. I'm planning to go to Chennai. If I have all the documetns and answered confidently. What are the chances of getting a 221G ? 3. My manager said they might take me as a FT after my trip. If i get a 221G can I transfer my VISA to my client and apply again for VISA interview during the process of 221G. Please reply. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shawn.
  3. shawnrulez

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    Is there anyway I can transfer my H1B with my vendor and apply for a new stamping appointment? Looks like EVC is taking too long compared to EC. I can see people getting visa in EC model fast. Thanks.
  4. shawnrulez

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    Congrats Swetha. Even I'm planning to go to Vancouver for my H1B stamping. Its my first stamping as I recently transferred from F1 to H1 and working on EVC model. I badly need to get the stamping done as I have to go to INDIA in March for my brothers marriage. I have some questions If you can send me a test email to my email id, that should be great. my id is sharatchandra.d at gmaildotcom. Thanks.
  5. shawnrulez

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    Any Luck guys ??? Haven't heard from a while.
  6. shawnrulez

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    First Time
  7. shawnrulez

    221G Blue December Hyderabad Tracker

    @diwakard: Hi Diwakar, Thanks for the reply. Do you know how long will it take to see the case status on the website? I'm checking daily but it says "We are not able to identify the case#xxxxxxxxxxxx". I'm bit worried because the email id I mentioned on the client letter spelled it wrongly. And if they send an email to the client it will bounce back. Any suggestions. :(.
  8. Hi All, Visa Date: Dec 5th Model - EVC Form: 221G White/Blue- initially the VO took all my documents, interviewed me and gave a 221G white and said Administrative processing and will receive your passport by mail. I received my passport after 4days without stamp and a 221G blue this time. Can any tell me how long it will take for the whole process. Thanks.