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    Giving Up H1B for School

    Thanks for all responses. Also even though i have sufficient funds should i show that i have a sponsor (my family friend) as back up? I have been in Legal Status through out my stay in US, but i am scared what if they question me that whhy i am leaving job and moving to F1 status. And should i schedule my Visa Interview as soon as i reach india or should i wait and get it stamped 2 weeks before i want to travel back to US? Just trying to be cautious so asking for respsone from you all. Thanks, Shahshank
  2. Shashanks

    Giving Up H1B for School

    Hi Guys, I am working full time with a US based company but after working for so many years i am ready to go back to school for MBA. I gave GMAT and TOEFL in July'2011 and have been accepted for Fall'2012 session in an IVY League Business School in MA. I have received my acceptance letter from school. I am already working and i don't want to leave my job until June/July'2012. I am planning to resign in June'12 end and after that i will travel back home and spend some quality time with my family before i coem back to school. My Question is what will be required for me to get my visa status changed? I want to get my F1 VISA stamped back home , for that do i need to submit an application first to cancel my current H1B working VISA and once it's approved i can schedule a stamping date for my F1 or what? I have my own savings to show for financial help etc but i don't know how to do go for visa status change, Any inputs on this will be highly appreciated. Wishing you all the best for your VISA applications and concerns. Thanks, Shashank