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  1. I came to us on H4 visa, then got converted to F1 but not got stamped. I am currently on F1 Visa on 24 months STEM OPT extension that expires in early Jan 2018. I want to convert to H4, through travel and get a stamped from Metamoros, Mexico. My husband is currently on H1B visa with a valid visa stamp that would to expire in Oct 2018. I want to know if it is OK for me to travel to Metamoros, Mexico and appear for visa stamp alone or dont go to mexico for stamping at all? I saw on their website that TCNs should not apply if they are not renewing the same category, but I have a H4 stamp(expired 2013). Any experience/information that you can share will be helpful
  2. Vmall

    DS-160 Help needed for Criminal Information

    Hi Swaraj, I am on same boat like you. Got 3 speeding tickets in 1 year(2008) in IL. suspended licence letetr went to old address. Police arrested for driving under suspension. came out with bail. Contacted Lawyer. cleared everything. Went to HYD consulate for first time stamping in 2009 Nov, got 221G to provide all evidence on the issue eventhough I carried clearence certificate from court, clearence letter from Lawer with me. After two and half months i got visa approved. After that i attend 2 more times once in vancouver(2011 Dec) and Mexico(2016 Dec), same questions. showed documents before they ask and visa got approved. For your questions, YOU NEED TO SAY YES IN DS-160. And provide short description. All my 3 interviews, no quetions on my employer or to provide and work related document. Only one question on what happened. Also every time i come to USA, port of entry have the same questions. BE PREPARED FOR it. KEEP all clearence letters handy. If possible, as your lawyer to provide you a letter that you are clear on his letter head. That helps alot.
  3. Hi, Can you please share your contact details? I am also booked for same dates.

  4. Vmall

    MATAMOROS - H1B Stamping Dec 14 and 15

    Hi, yes i have booked for same dates. Can you send your contact details to my email address on the profile.
  5. @ Parkerjohn .. I applied for multiple entry visa.... you will get the visitor visa till your I-797 ending date.
  6. Vmall

    221g white on Feb 29th @ vancouver

    Hi Bhanu... I think this should be because of your employer. Is your employer desi ??? One of my friend got into the same situation in Vancouver on Jan 31st and got finalyy for his passport with visa stamped on 28th Feb. His employer got many labor issues int he past.
  7. Vmall

    DUI: Second time H1-B visa stamping

    Hi Aptedern.... Definitely there are chances to ask the same questions and tell them that you have all the clearance forms my courts and also inform that last time you have gone through all the tests. Last month I attended for H1b extension stamping in Vancouver.... VO asked the same questions and I said i have all documents and clearance forms... then he read for 2 mins in his laptop and said my visa is approved. Where are you planning to attend??? In India??
  8. @Nari123.... I have posted all my documents to Detroit Canada consulate. I didnt mention about my Traffic tickets. @Babu99.... My friend got his passport with canada visa stamped on the next day In LA.
  9. No need to have the H1B Visa appointment for canada stamping. Yesterday one of friend went for canada consulate in LA for multiple entry visa and get it. He dont have the H1B appointment date.
  10. Vmall

    Just got a DUI.Will it affect my H1B stamping chances ?

    @nari123 : I prefer Vancouver as the success rate is high compared to other consulates in canada. At the time of my stamping I contacted around 20 - 30 people most of them are from NJ/NY. @ Sriniijk : court disposition letter and expungement records are perfectly okay. Be confident and ready to show all documents as soon as the VO asks about this issue.
  11. Hi raavij.... Dont worry you will get your passport soon. I got mine visa approved on 31st jan, 2012 and i received passport on 9th Feb (On 7th business day). All the best.
  12. Vmall

    Just got a DUI.Will it affect my H1B stamping chances ?

    Nari123... Your case looks simple compared to others. No need to mention this in DS-160 as you are not arrested and fingure prined. I will definetly suggest you to go to Vancouver. In 2009 I went to Hyderabad for stamping.
  13. Hi List of documents for Canadian multiple visiting visa - 1) Passport (Original) 2) I-797 (Original) 3) 6 Pay stubs 4) W2 -- Last two years 5) Form IMM5257E 6) Form IMM5645E 7) Two Photographs (Canadian Specification) 8) check for $$150 for multiple entry and $75 for single entry visa 9) Letter from the employer. Get more details from below Link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/visa.asp
  14. Vmall

    Just got a DUI.Will it affect my H1B stamping chances ?

    Hi Surya, My situation is also similar but not DUI. I got my license suspended in 2008 because of 3 speeding tickets in one year. I dont know that my license got suspended because of change of address and when cop pulled me for other reason next time he found out that my license got suspended and arrested me with tem fingure prints and 3 photos. Relesed me once my friends pay $130 for bail. I consulted a Lawyer at that time, attended court by mysfle and by paying more money i removed 2 tickets on my name. I got my license back. I got the clearence certificate from Lawyer and all the stuff. When I attended H1B stamping in 2009 november, the VO saw my case and asked why i was arrested and gave me 221G asking to provide the clearence certificated from court and all the stuff (I have the certificates on my hand at that time), but he didnt even care about at that time. I got my visa stamped after 3 months. I have attended at vancouver for my H1B stamping on Jan31 2012. Asked the same questions and luckly appvoed my visa. Port of entry is also a very big deal if you arrested. both the time i was waited for half hour and checked all my background. So my recommendation is better go to Vancouver with all the court clearence form.
  15. Venkata Sai... Dont worry... You will definetly get your passport... Send mail to consulate on 5th business day asking for the status on passport. I know its very hard to wait in canada for the passport ... But we dont have any other option. All the best. I got mine exactly on 7th business day from the day of Visa approve. And also for two more people.