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  1. h4aspirant

    January 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    EB2-India NSC Priority Date : Sept, 2008 Priority date curent in Jan, 2012 Applied I-485, I-131(AP) and I765(EAD) on Jan 23, 2012 Receipt Notice Date: Jan 26, 2012 Received receipt notice in mail: Jan 27, 2012 EAD Approved on 3/5 and received EAD cards on 3/9. FP notice: Waiting
  2. h4aspirant

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    No, I do not have a common muslim name. I have a biotech background probably that triggered the 221g. I had to go through the same process a year ago, while I was applying for H1B stamping as well....
  3. h4aspirant

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    Here is an update on my case: H4 application - husband works full time for a fortune 500 company. Date of Visa Interview: 2nd December 2011 221g white given with a case number; asked to answer the questionnaire with documents as mentioned in the email. Documents submitted on 4th December 2011: Filled in Questionnaire, Resume and Employment verification letter from my husband's employer (as asked in the email) Case number showed "application processing" status until I submitted the documents, after submission, the case number showed invalid status Wrote an email to the consulate asking if we got our case number correct (Wanted to ensure that if we got it wrong, we wanted to correct and send the documentation again). No response from the consulate and I did not bother to send them multiple emails Dec 22 2011: got an SMS stating that the passport is ready to be mailed (& can also be picked up if we choose to do so) Dec 22 2011: Picked up the passport - Visa Issued!!! Good Luck to all of you waiting for this process to end... It is frustrating enough, but hopefully you will get good news soon!
  4. h4aspirant

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    Applied for H4 (with a valid H1B stamp in passport). Application date: Dec 02 2011. 221g received and was asked to fill out an email questionairre and send the invitation letter plus the latest resume. Sent it on Dec 05 and waiting to hear back.
  5. h4aspirant

    221g For the Second time

    My wife had to go through adminstrative processing in Jan 2011 when she went for H1B stamping in the hyderabad consulate. She later quit her job and while on H4, she recently went to india. Now she spplied for her H4 stamping and she got the 221g again. There are no status issues with her at all. However she belonged to science background. Not sure if a 221g triggers subsequent 221g requests, but I suggest you go prepared esp. because you are planning to go to a third country for this stamping. All the very best.