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  1. bksram

    Two A# from USCIS

    My spouse got an A# while H4 EAD got approved back in 2015. Now, we applied for AOS and there is another A# assigned to my spouse's application. Is this expected? During the AOS filing, we specified my spouse's A# in all the forms. Thanks
  2. bksram

    I-485 Incorrect Filing Fee

    JayN: Did you get the application back? Did you refile it? What is the current status?
  3. Myself and my spouse applied for AOS on Jan 08. I got my receipt on 15th and my spouse got rejected due to improper filing. Missing pages in application forms. Resubmitted the application and reached USCIS on 18th. No update yet. My friend who applied on 22nd got his receipt number today. Are the re submitted applications processed in a different way than regular applications? Do we get a new receipt number or USCIS re-use the same one provided with rejection letter? What is the expected receipt notice time for resubmitted cases? Anybody have previous experience? Thanks in advance.
  4. care_candidate: Is that mean this is normal :) or too early for what?
  5. Myself and my spouse applied for I-485 and it reached USCIS Jan 09, 2019. My Check for $1225 is cleared by USCIS on Jan 15th but the other check sent for my spouse I-485 is not cleared yet. Is this normal?
  6. bksram

    Two PEDs on VISA

    Hi, We are in US for 6 years. Got H1/H4 extension from 04-mar-2012 to 03-mar-2015. Wife went for Stamping at chennai (She already had a visa valid til 03-mar-2012) Old visa cancelled. Visa got approved and got new VISA to see an annotation "Not Valid until 20 Feb 2012" Sent it back for correction. Got visa back today. The cancelled the old one and gave a new one. But in the annotation column now she is having two entries which reads like this PED: 03 MAR 2012 PED: 03 MAR 2015 Any body having any idea about this? Thanks Karthic