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  1. Hi, I am on H1B Visa and applied for Green Card. If my India born son ( Currently on H4 and in US ) moves out to India before turning 21 and and I stay in US until I get my Green Card, can he also be getting green card and join me in US ever after he turns 21. Thanks in Advance, Regards,
  2. mohvai2

    H1 Transfer RFE

    HI, I am on H1B having I140 approved. My current visa is expiring on 30-Aug. I want to transfer Visa to company B in premium. Just in case, if I get RFE during transfer, and we do not respond to it, will I still be able to initiate extension from current company A ? Any complications in this case ? Thanks in Advance,
  3. mohvai2

    Need Suggestion upon Visa Ext rejection

    Thanks permaudit for the update.
  4. Need Suggestions - I completed 8+ yrs in US on H1B on EVC. I have I140 approved. Current visa is expiring on 5-Nov I requested my employer to file extension in PP. Since my educational background is non-computer engineering, I am worried if I get extension based on current situations. Want to know if my extension gets rejected, what are options open for me next ? 1) Leave US immediately ? 2) stay till end of visa ( 5-Nov ) and leave US ( I will be on my current project till that day ) 3) File for another extension with same employer ? 4) Try to switch employer and they file for transfer and extension ? 5) anything else ?
  5. mohvai2

    H1B Clock reset to 6 years

    Hi, I have valid H1B. Stayed in US for 2 yrs went back to India for 1yr-1 month, and now in US for 2 yrs. So my physical stay in US now is 4 yrs. I heard somewhere that the 6 year clock gets reset if someone stays outside US for more than 1 year. Is that true? Any reference document for this? Regards,
  6. Hello, My current employer has stared PERM just now. I would like to change my employer. Can the new employer file for a new PERM? Will there be any complications in this case? Regards,