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  1. Don't lose hope! My PD became current in the April Bulletin and yesterday I received the e-mail telling me that the decision was made and my documents are being produced. I checked my wife's receipt number too and got the same result for her. :D It's been around 8 years since I started this process. I know there are many that have waited even longer. Don't lose hope. Right now I almost feel like I need to pinch myself to believe it has all come through. Good luck to everyone else who is waiting.
  2. idreamoftheday

    April 2012 Visa Bulletin

    It won't load for me... I guess too many people are accessing it? :( Can someone give me the date for EB3 ROW? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your insight. March 2006.
  4. Hello, My I-485 AOS was filed in the 2007 Fiasco (EB3 category). I have already been fingerprinted, had the medical done etc. My wife has been added to my application and has also been through the medical and finger printing etc. Does this mean that when my priority date becomes due next month hopefully, that the process to get the Green Card will be any faster, or is still likely to take 4-6 months? Has anyone else been in a similar situation with a filling in the 2007 fiasco and then got their Green Card now? How long did it take from when your priority date became current? Will we get the GC's at the same time, or would mine have to be approved first before hers? Thanks for any info anyone can give me.
  5. idreamoftheday

    Feb2012 Visa Bulletin Predictions

    Gorantla, What does your algorithm say for EB3 ROW? :) Thanks
  6. Thank you ever so much for the replies. I will talk to my lawyer and look into the AC21 option you mention. Is there anywhere specific I can read more about the AC21? Thanks
  7. I am EB 3 ROW. My PD is Middle of March 2006 My 485 was submitted as part of the 2007 situation and my receipt date for that is Sept 2007 I have an EAD valid until until April 2013 I want to leave my current Employer and ideally work in the same field as a contractor for others or for myself. If I do so will I put my GC or future chance of Citizenship at risk? Thanks