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  1. venven

    How Soon To File To Avoid Retrogression?

    Any day during March 1'st 2012 to March 31'st 2012.
  2. venven

    Bank Letter for 485

    you dont need to provide bank statement for employment catogery 485 applications.
  3. Hi, I filed I-485 based on EB2 I-140 (older EB3 priority date was ported) but I-485 receipt is showing preference classification as Employment Based 3rd. Shall any one advise me how to correct this? Appreciate your help. Thanks, Venkat.
  4. bodhigan: Yes they can use AC21 after 180 days receipt date.
  5. venven

    Role change after PERM and I-140 approval

    You need to refile PERM if job duties are changing 51% or more.
  6. venven

    H1 transfer in 6th year after approved I-140

    You will get 3 years extension as I140 is approved.
  7. venven

    Impact of H1 denial on pending I-485

    You should be fine if you recive EAD before H1 extension denial.
  8. venven

    Question about I-140 and AC21

    AC21 is not applicable in your case, AC21 is for I485 pending more than 180 days. You need to start PERM process again with new employer, you can port old priority date at I-140 stage.
  9. venven

    3 Year Degree and EB3/EB2

    You may not eligible for EB2, USCIS is strict now a days with education qualification.
  10. venven

    Porting from EB3 to EB2

    Upgrade your I140 to premium to avoid any confusion.
  11. and also EB GC will take 5 years for citizenship where as FB will take less time (I think 3 years)
  12. venven

    Interfiling of I 485 with an approved I 140

    Even with out porting, you should be in good share in EB2 rather than EB3 Sept 2008.
  13. venven

    I-140 applied in August 2011

    Receipt Notice Date: 8/19/2011 Center: Texas Type of Processing: Regular Status: Approved on 11/22 Category : EB2
  14. venven

    I-140 filed in June-July 2011

    My was I140 applied on Aug 14th and approved on Nov 22nd. TSC service center.
  15. venven

    URGENT - Received PERM Audit

    Hi, You may consider recapturing time if you spent out side of US in last 6 years to stay untill 09/2012. You can file I140 under premium processing once your PERM is approved.