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  1. Present i am getting $40000 per year. Recently my H1b got approved. My LCA shows $85000 per year. Now my company people doesn't want to pay me as per LCA, moreover that they are asking me to pay for taxes for $85000 from my current salary ($40000). I am totally confused.  

    Please give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance

  2. murphyd

    H1B visa for my wife(I am on H1B)

    Step 1 : Find a job. Step 2: Employer applies for H1b. Step 3: You start working from start date on the H1b application when it is approved.
  3. murphyd

    Working on EAD

    The employer that holds your h1 always runs your payroll. On EAD you can work for anyone but once GC is approved you should have a intent to work for you sponsoring company, who is your employer.
  4. murphyd

    Missing EAD card

    This happens to us as well. The USPS guy delivered it to wrong mailbox. We intercepted him while he was distributing mail and requested him to look at other mailboxes. Reluctantly he looked at other mailboxes and were very fortunate to find it. Try following up aggressively with the mailman. They could be rude but you have no option. you have to deal with them.
  5. Visa numbers are probably available for cases <=Aug 15th 2007 thats why the COD.
  6. murphyd

    Wife's Relieving letter?

    Relieving letters are not important in the US. No reputed employer will care about them.
  7. murphyd

    Starting a business on OPT

    Yes you can but you have to have authorization to work for it.
  8. murphyd

    H1B for MBA Students

    I agree with JoeF on this one, If you are good and the company is reputable they will not hesitate to sponsor your H1B.
  9. Is it legal to check status of cases which do not belong to you?
  10. IMHO, it is better to use EAD if your 6 years of H1b are not up because you can always reclaim the remaining years in case something goes wrong.
  11. That's called cross-charge-ability. Search for it and you might receive relevant info.
  12. The processing of your case will continue until it is approved/rejected. Once a final decision is made USCIS will wait for a visa number to be assigned. Visa number can only be assigned if your PD is current. In mean time you can use AP/EAD.
  13. @sujer. Wait for 90 days before calling.
  14. This is typical. My spouses' case status is still not visible by my AP/EAD was approved a week back. Its so weird that I am the derivative applicant.