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  1. Sharp52

    H4 DUI

    First DUI is not a career-ending offense. It is a lot of hassle. Try to avoid going to stamping soon. It gets easier if you let some time elapse Life should go on as before
  2. Sharp52

    2 DUI's going for H1b Stamping in india

    Plan to spend a few weeks( 8-12) but you will be fine if you do ok with medical.
  3. Sharp52

    DUI/DWI in H1B status (no valid visa)

    You will be fine. It is a lot of hassle but not end of everything as some people say It becomes easier if the interval between incident and stamping is longer. So wait it out as long as you can but it is not obligatory It really helps if you are able to say that you are teetotal when you go to medical
  4. I finished all my H1 in 2014. Went to J2 status. Attorney filing for perm this month. Many have told be that I-140 will not be approved as there are no H1 days left( finished H1 way long ago) My attorney is adamant that I-140 will be approved. I want to go back home and reset H1 but he keeps saying that H1 extension is doable. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated