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  1. l1_to_h1_new

    H1B stamping from London

    Hi All, Sorry for the late reply, was waiting for the passports to arrive. Here is my experience at London Consulate: After the security check, got a token number and had to wait for 10 mins. My number was announced, this is the first interaction within the officer. Here they took the passports, petition and finger prints. After this the office asked me to wait for the actual interview and the number will be called out. The lady gave me a courier document to be filled during the wait time. Then I got the next call for my number. Went to the lady officer. Officer: Good Morning (She greeted us, me and my wife) Me: Good Morning, how are you doing. Officer; Great....I will take you through your interview process. First let me re validate your finger prints. Our finger prints were re validated. Officer: so what do you for this XXX company and what is role. Me: I explained her the roles and responsibilities on the internal project (Typical Software developer roles and resp) Officer: Good, so how many yrs of IT experience you have (I could not clear hear her...so asked her again...well i did this couple of time as the voice was not very clear) Me: XXX years. Officer; To my wife, are you accompanying him. My Wife: Yes. Officer: Good, she turned to me and asked what do you do for the current employer. Me: Explained what I do Officer: Verified...all our passports. Officer: Smiled and said....I am approving your visa. Please go to courier desk and hand over the sheet which u got at the first counter. We both: Smiled and relaxed....Thank you...Have a great day. It was not a bad as we anticipated after reading the forum. And luckily it went through easily for us. (Me, my wife & 1 and half yr kid). Yes, each case differs, mine I believe was a favorable because of a valid L1 visa. Its all purely luck i believe. So best wishes for others. Got the passports after 7 days (4 business days), it was a long weekend.
  2. l1_to_h1_new

    H1b visa stamping at London and 221g white issued

    Hi, I hv the appointment on May-2, so can you please share your experience. Aravind.ch.kumar@gmail.com Thanks, Aravind
  3. l1_to_h1_new

    H1b visa stamping at London and 221g white issued

    Hi guys, I am planning to attend for h1b visa in London. I came here two months ago on intra company transfer, and the H1 petition got approved with London as cousulate for stamping. I have been reading various posts and 60 percent of the people are saying they have 221g form given. What are the reasons for give 221g. Is it recommended to go for stamping at London, If I decide not to go for stamping at london, when I return back to india will I be eligible to go for h1 with same petition which has london as consulate. Please share your thoughts
  4. Can you please add some more details, so others could make use of it in similar situation.
  5. l1_to_h1_new

    H1B stamping from London

    Hmm..you are scaring me. I have UK visa till 2015, but why would they hold the passport with them. Why can't they give the passport and then continue there admin process. Additionally, now the petition says the consulate for stamping as London, will be able to go to India for stamping. Do you know for sure that this is the case, have you or any of your friends experienced it. Please let me know, I am trying to go for stamping along with my family.
  6. l1_to_h1_new

    H1B stamping from London

    BTW my petition shows London consulate for stamping, so I guess I can visit. Does any has any experience at London consulate
  7. l1_to_h1_new

    H1B stamping from London

    I am on Tier2 Intra-company transfer. I came here on Feb18-2012, first visit.
  8. Hi, I am planning to go for H1B stamping and willing to have my wife and kid get a dependent visa during the same time. I have the approved H1 petition, do we need the petition for wife and kid for H4 visa. What is the procedure for getting H1 and H4 stamping together. Does my H1B petition mention the names of my family aswell. Do I need to show any funds in my account to show that i can support my family. What are the list of documents I should have. Please help at the earliest.
  9. l1_to_h1_new

    H1B stamping from London

    I got my H1B petition approved last week, is it possible to go for stamping in UK as I am currently working here. How can i find out it is possible for stamping here. What is the procedure to get dependents stamping, can both be done together.
  10. l1_to_h1_new

    L1 change of Status to H1

    I was in US for Company A on L1 Visa in the month of April, I approached Company B for filing H1 visa, and company B filed the Change of Visa petition instead of regular H1 based on my I94 (expiring on aug 2013). I had to go back to India in the month on May and did not come back to US. Actual date of receipt of application in USCIS is jul-28, by then I was already in India and I-94 would have been invalid. Is it possible for someone to file a change of status without being in US. What is the implication. Will there be any impact on the current Visa (L1 - expiring in aug-2013), should i reenter now to US in Jan-2012. If i am in US and the petition gets approved, will my I94 change immediately to company B and is it illegal to work for company A (I have notice period of 2 months). Can someone answer my questions.
  11. l1_to_h1_new

    multiple h1 petitions

    Can someone please answer if it is possible to file two petitions from two different companies. I have Company A which filed my L1 to H1 transfer when I was US. But my term in US ended and I had to return back to India. I don't see any progress on the petition, its been 3 months now. Can I go with company B to file a new H1 petition.
  12. l1_to_h1_new

    L1B To H1B multiple

    I have similar question, applied for L1 to H1 visa transfer when I was in US. Now I am india and the petition status still shows in initial review. Its is more than 3 months now, why isn't there any activity on the petition. Can I go with another employer to file a new H1 visa. Please answer....