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  1. Hello - I am in a tricky situation, my current employeer have filed for my H1B extension in June but it have not been approved yet and my first H1B expired in October. Now I got a better offer and I want to switch companies but dont know how can I transfer H1 if the extension is not approved. Please advice. Thanks.
  2. @ AlterianSep2011: Yes, I got an ack email back on the receipt of my email. I am still waiting from 7+ months, no update no contact no change. I dont understand what in this world are they checking from 7 months.
  3. Interview Date: 5th May 2011 Consulate: Hyderabad. Model :- Direct employee Fresh H1b 221g color: White issued case number: Yes Case number status: Status shows Case under process. VO retained passport : Yes Common Muslim Name: Yes Received email to submit the passport: N/A Passport submission date: N/A Received email with an generic questionnaire to submit documents [resume, client letter, Invitation letter etc]: 5th May Submitted the documents: 5th May