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  1. I am currently working on H4 EAD. If my spouse who is the H1B holder makes a switch to another Employer, will I be able to apply for H4 EAD simultaneously along with my spouse H1B transfer?
  2. Hi, I've an appointment on October 24th in Vancouver, CANADA. I'm looking for accommodation from October 23rd to October 28th. If anyone has appointment on or around the same date and would like to share accommodation, please contact me at *******************@gmail.com Thanks.
  3. sree.universal

    Vancouver passport return status --Oct 2nd week

    Congratulations Praveen. Thanks for the update on the old way bill number from previous appointment. Thanks.
  4. Hi I have a appointment on on Oct 24th, I will be coming on 23rd as well to Vancouver. Would like to share accommodation if you didn't find anyone yet for sharing. Thanks, Sree
  5. sree.universal

    Accomodation needed in Vancouver Canada from Oct 23rd

    I have a appointment on on Oct 24th, I will be coming on 23rd as well to Vancouver. I dont see your email address in your profile to contact ?
  6. sree.universal

    Accomodation from Oct 23rd to Oct 30 - Vancouver

    I have a appointment on on Oct 24th, I will be coming on 23rd as well to Vancouver. I will probably be staying till Oct 28th morning, hence I can share accommodation for 4 nights. Please let me know if you are still looking ? Thanks
  7. sree.universal

    Vancouver passport return status --Oct 2nd week

    Hi, I was last here too and have another appointment on Oct 24th this month. I see the old way bill number on my profile too. Please let me know what you find out. Appreciate your help.
  8. sree.universal

    Visa Stamping before the current H1B visa expires.

    thank you all for your responses.
  9. sree.universal

    Visa Stamping before the current H1B visa expires.

    Hi Cobra 1232 , I didn't get you ? Can you please explain what "Yes, Correct" mean ?
  10. Hi, I have my current H1B visa stamping till Sep 30th 2013. Planning to go to India in August or September 2013. If we get the H1B extension in July 2013(premium processing), then can I schedule a VISA appointment before my current valid visa expires(sep 2013) and get the stamping for the new H1B extension ? Appreciate your help in this regard. Thank you, Sree
  11. sree.universal

    Another Succesfull VISA Stamping in Vancouver Feb 9th

    It might look like over confidence, but NOT. Literally there is nothing to worry about in Vancouver. All you need to have is CONFIDENCE. Good Luck Bro.
  12. Hello Friends, Thanks a lot to Murthy forum for providing this platform for everyone to share as the forum has made a lot of difference for lot of us. I have seen atleast 5 people who got Approved and 100% sure the other people who were waiting also got stamped and have Approvals. Very cool place and very normal questions doesn't matter what the counter is :) Here are my Visa questions. Me: How are you doing officer? VO: Good Thank You. How are you? Me: Good. VO: Who is your Employer? Me: XXXX VO:How long you have been with this EMployer? Me: 9 months VO: You work at the client location Me: Yes VO: You were at the same client from the time you joined this employer? Me: Yes VO: how do you communicate with your employer? Me: Weekly assignments, weekly status reports, time sheets, etc. VO: Which Visa are you in CANADA and when did you come Me: Visitor and yesterday. VO: YOUR VISA IS APPROVED AND YOU WILL RECEIVE IT 3 BUSINESS DAYS. HERE IS THE INSTRUCTIONS TO GET YOUR PASSPORT AND HANDED THAT SHEET TO ME. Guys, The funny thing is, it took me weeks to get all the proper documentation from my Employer, but I haven't been asked even a single doc and this is the same with lot of other people too. GOOD LUCK FRIENDS. VO: Me:
  13. 1. Depends who your Employer is and your agreement with your Employer. Usually, when you are on a salary basis or on a low percentage basis, Employer should take care of all your Expenses. 2) Doesn't matter 3) Yes.You can change the appointment date even after you submitted your DS-160. First, when change your DS-160 or you filled out a new DS-160, you get a new application Id. You have to call the customer care for the visa Office and tell them to associate a new application Id of your DS-160 form and they will do it for you. My brother did it twice this month and his VISA got approved on 19th of this month in Vancouver.
  14. Does anybody have any answer for the question mentioned above. Thank You.