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  1. Hi all, My wife sponsored green cards for her brothers last month. We got acknowledgment receipts from USCIS. If family immigration is eliminated, what happens to the existing applications? Any guesses? I understand that family immigration is not eliminated yet but my question is mostly hypothetical. Also, Is there a family based applications inventory? Just want to know how many applications are ahead of us in line. Thank you, Kiran
  2. Hi all; Recently my wife took medicals for I 485... In the past (2003) she tested positive for TB and she took all medications and completed her treatment successfully.. However when we got our medicals report, we noticed that physician check marked class B condition under "summary of overall findings" section... I am really not sure what that means and I am little worried... Even though, Physician clearly mentioned that my wife took all the medication in the remarks section I am still not sure if that class B check mark will cause any problems? She cannot take chest x ray now as she is pregnant and we are expecting baby in december... Should I be worried guys? Thanks