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  1. I am currently in 5th year of my H1-B that expires on JUN 30 2017. My current employer would not extend my H1-B. My spouse has an approved I-140. I am planning to convert to H-4 EAD and without getting a break in my current employment, but in the present time when several immigration changes are being expected, is it recommended to convert to H4-EAD? 1) Based on my H1 expiry date, by when should I be applying for H4-EAD? What is the general processing time for H-4 and EAD? Is there premium processing option available to convert from H1-H4 EAD? In my current situation, is it suggested to go for premium processing or general? 2) Will my H-4 and EAD be approved at the same time? What will happen to my employment if only H4 is approved first and EAD is approved later? 3) Will the H-4 EAD program be revoked?If I convert to H4-EAD and if the program is revoked, what will happen to my employment? Please reply!! Thank you!!
  2. I have my current certified LCA and approved H1B to work for employer A and as a consultant to client B in a location (state X). Now I am in a situation that I get a permanent full time opportunity with the same client B in a different location (state Y). So with the current government shutdown, can employer B directly apply for H1B transfer without a new LCA and start to work for the employer B and later get the LCA changed after the govt. re-opens?
  3. soumya2484

    L2 status

    My case is L1 is not revoked by the employer, but he is sent back to the offshore branch back in India. Will I still be bound to go back and cannot work anymore in the US with the L2 EAD?
  4. soumya2484

    L2 EAD

    Not sure on the SSN part, but EAD processing time is 90days from the day USCIS receives the application.
  5. soumya2484

    L2 status

    Hi Sir, My spouse is on L1 and I am currently working on L2 EAD. L1,L2 & EAD are valid till 2013. What would be my status if my spouse's current employer sends him back to India but L1 is still valid. Can I still continue working here in L1 holder's absence? Also let me know what would be my status in the same case, but L1 holder is out of US on temporary vacation?