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  1. rajv2382

    H1 Stamping going to Canada

    You sure can go to Canada... but go theu forums and make a good decision on which consulate to choose. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DONT EVEN GO TO CALGARY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Prefer Vancouver
  2. rajv2382

    Dec 6th Calgary ADMIN PROCESSING

    hey Arjun, Thats quite annoying man... I feel your pain... would it be possible to send your details like contact info to rajv2382 at gmail dot com I wanna get some info from you... help us with info dude... i wud appreciate -thanks
  3. Hi All, I have attended the Calgary consulate with every freaking possible document you can imagine. Let me be more clear.... I had these documents with me: 1. I 797 2. Passport 3. 48 pay stubs for the last 4 years (each pay stub had consistent pay ...i mean each of them are matching with LCA and offer letter) 4. Bank statements for last 3 years highlighting Direct deposits 5. Tax returns with W2s (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) 6. Employee Tax returns 3 years 7. Quarterly unemployment wage reports for last 6 quarters 8. Notarized list of all employees from my company 9. Client letter clearly stating that whole authority of firing, pay hike is responsible by my employer and with 3 + years of possible extension 10. Vendor letter stating the same as client 11. SOW 12. Work Orders 13. Proof of payments 14. Status reports showing employee employer relation 15. Time sheets submitted to my employer You name the document i had it... and I was so confident that my case would be a cake wake as its is pretty genuine with ouT any grey areas... but still since any thing can happen in the visa processing i was prepared for a week delay anyways...BUT TO MY f* SURPRISE I WAS GIVEN A ADMIN PROCESSING ASKING ME TO FILL DS 157 JUST BCUZ I DID MY MASTERS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING???????????????? OH I CANT STUDY CHEMISTRY? Basic chemistry? i shd have opted history? or will that be a problem too? IS THE WHAT VO IS SAYING NOW JUST BCUZ SHE CANT FIND A LOOP HOLE IN MY CASE??? WELL ITS OK YOU GAVE ME DS 157 BUT WHAT THE HECK IS A WAIT PERIOD OF UNTILL 2 MONTHS? So looks like its very clear that VO doesn't wanna take a moment to think about the situation... she simply issues a DS 157 and will enjoy a cup of coffee in the cold weather while i wait with uncertainty in goddamn hotel with with freezing cold and no car to roam.... is this fair? why do we guys have to go thru this situation in Calgary when it is not common in any other consulates? Do i sound frustrated? OFCOURSE YES I AM..... Down down calgary....
  4. Hi, I have had my interview this morning @ Calgary consulate and it turned out to be a BUMMER.... I got Administrative processing... all most everyone who had their interview ended up with a ADMIN processing.. so I sincerely advice you to consider one more time before coming to Calgary...... Not trying to discourage or anything but for the benefit of you guys see if you can choose another consulate... There is only one VO lady offier.... and she is TOUGH guys,,,,,,, i dont know what i shd be doing now... can any one say how long wud it take for the admin processing to clear? -GOOD LUCK
  5. Can you please tell me what sort of documents did you take to support Employee Employer relationship? Your response wud be greatly appreciated, thanks. rajv2382@gxxxx.com -Thanks.
  6. Hi Kirannumb, itsmeraj001 and Krishna, Hearty congratulations to three of you. You three sure did leave a lot of hope for everyone of us here. I would really appreciate if you guys can throw some light on few of my concerns: In E-V-C model, I can say that my employer/petitioner will supervise my work at clients place in a way of weekly calls and status reports and all that... and what if the VO asks about the Vendor in between? how do i fit the vendor in the discussion and what should be the responsibilities of the vendor? Should he have control on me which I doubt as he is not holding my H1B or should is say that he is preferred vendor and that is why i had to go through him? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do help me in this issue i need some guidance and would appreciate your responses. Just so you guys know... I do have the client letter stating i am working at client place XYZ through ABC and 123 is my actual petioner. I also have another vendor letter saying i work for 123 and 123 has total control of me. Should these two letters satisfy the employee-employer relation? Eagerly waiting for some response from knowledgeable persons out there... this is gonna help thousand of Murthy forum followers.... PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advace.
  7. rajv2382

    Administrative Processing in Calgary

    Hi Desi_md congratulation on you Visa approval. I have a couple of quick questions and would appreciate if any one help me on those: 1. How to prove employee-employer relationship to the Visa officer? 2. I am in E-V-C model, besides saying, that on a weekly basis I interact with my employer or petitioner about the work assignment, should I also prove that I talk about the work assignment to the middle vendor as well? 3. what if the VO asks about middle vendor and his role, what is the best way to convince him. As we all know middle vendor is like primary vendor to the client and I can only work for the client through him, so i am not sure if I have to involve him in the employee employer relation ship. Please help me with some valuable suggestions and thanks in advance. -thanks
  8. rajv2382

    PIMS Verification

    Hi all, Can you guys please help me on the PIMS verification procedures. I have booked an appointment @ Calagary Canada on Dec 6th should I fill in any form to start my PIMS verification ? Or is it automatically updated by booking the appointment? Please help me. Thanks, Rajesh
  9. @ member@217 How did you interview go, can you please share your experience and suggest me if Calgary is a good idea or not, thanks.
  10. Hi, how was you visit on Nov 1, did they delay the process or was it a smooth ride? I would really appreciate if you can share your experience, thanks in advacne.
  11. rajv2382

    Visa appointment on December 6th @Calgary

    Hi there... I have an appointment on the same day Dec the 6th @ Calgary, you can reach me @ rajv2382@******.com. How is the situation in Calgary currnelty do you have any idea about that? -Thanks