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  1. Hi Kohlih, I am planning to file for extension of stay for my mom. Can you please let me know whats the duration of stay that you have filed for extension of stay (parents)? Also, can you share the list of documents? Thanks in Advance!
  2. basically contracts between vendor and client. Purchase order provided is an invoice order and is this sufficient instead of SOW?
  3. Hello All, I have applied for H1B extension (8+ year extension) and received an RFE on Employer-Employee relationship. EVC model Submitted Docs: Client Letter, Vendor Letter, MSA between Employer & Vendor, Client ID badge, emails, ...etc RFE based on Employer-Employee Relationship: Contracts, work orders or SOW between Vendor & client. After chasing multiple times, have got the purchase order that contains vendor name, client name & signature, Employee name, start date & end date. Can anyone let me know if purchase order is sufficient instead of SOW?
  4. I am in EVC model and received a RFE on employer-Employee relationship. In the initial petition, we have submitted client letter, vendor letter MSA between Vendor & employer. Now they are asking for SOW between Vendor and Client which cannot be provided but instead have got the purchase order that contains vendor name, client name & signature, Employee name, start date & end date. Can anyone let me know if purchase order is sufficient instead of SOW?
  5. Hello

    I have just received two notices from USCIS

    1) I-797C - approval of H1B with time period 

    2) Decision - Denied on Change of status

    I am currently pursuing 2nd masters from Cumberlands and USCIS Denied MY COS application due to the CPT timeline.

    now they advising  me to leave the country and get the stamping.

    Is anyone here with the same issue?

    any suggestions.


  6. snagit


    Hello, Can you please confirm if this an Amendment + Extn petition? or client location has changed now? I have seen people getting Speciality occupation RFE only if client location has changed or LCA states new employment instead of continuing employment.
  7. Is this an Amendment + Extn application? If not, then is there any change in title at Employer or does the LCA states that its a New employment instead of continuation of Employment?
  8. Did you submit the SOW or contract between V1-V2 & V2-C? I think thats what they are looking for.
  9. Hello, Does the H1 LCA title Software Developer (15-1132) corresponds to Level II? Can you please update on your case status?
  10. Fyi- It was filed at Vermont Service center.
  11. Hello Joef, Not sure why my H1B Extn is still pending. Below are my case details: I have filed H1B Extension + COS H1b to H4 (Spouse) + H4 EAD at VSC in Premium processing. Primary Applicant: My current H1B expires on 12/31/2016. Dependent Applicant: Currently on H1B and expires on 09/19/2016. Premium Processing at VSC H1B Extension Received Date: 07/27 Spouse COS H1B to H4 Received date: 07/26 Spouse H4 EAD Received Date: 07/26. Spouse COS H1B to H4 & H4 EAD Approval Date: 08/09. (Aug 9th) H1B Extension Still Pending. 1) Its strange that H1B Extn is till pending while dependent applications have been approved. 2) Received approval notice for Spouse H4EAD & H4 EAD card but the start date is NOT the approval date instead its from 01/01/2017 (future date as per Primary applicant). Now, Dependent applicant cannot work until 01/01/2017.Can you please advise? If Attorney requests USCIS to provide an interim H4EAD card until 12/31/2016, will that work?
  12. Hello Guys, can you please update on your cases? how long did it take or approvals or any reply from USCIS?
  13. snagit

    Delay in premium processing

    Hello dr_akt, Can you please update how long did it take for your H1B approval? Appreciate your response.
  14. Hello Sravanproddaturi, Can you please provide an update on your case? Is it approved now? In my case H1 to H4 COS (spouse) and H4 EAD are approved within 13 calendar days but H1B is still pending after 15 calendar days.
  15. Hello Scsvel, Can you please update if your case has been approved and how long did it take?