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  1. Fyi- It was filed at Vermont Service center.
  2. Hello Joef, Not sure why my H1B Extn is still pending. Below are my case details: I have filed H1B Extension + COS H1b to H4 (Spouse) + H4 EAD at VSC in Premium processing. Primary Applicant: My current H1B expires on 12/31/2016. Dependent Applicant: Currently on H1B and expires on 09/19/2016. Premium Processing at VSC H1B Extension Received Date: 07/27 Spouse COS H1B to H4 Received date: 07/26 Spouse H4 EAD Received Date: 07/26. Spouse COS H1B to H4 & H4 EAD Approval Date: 08/09. (Aug 9th) H1B Extension Still Pending. 1) Its strange that H1B Extn is till pending while dependent applications have been approved. 2) Received approval notice for Spouse H4EAD & H4 EAD card but the start date is NOT the approval date instead its from 01/01/2017 (future date as per Primary applicant). Now, Dependent applicant cannot work until 01/01/2017.Can you please advise? If Attorney requests USCIS to provide an interim H4EAD card until 12/31/2016, will that work?
  3. Hello Guys, can you please update on your cases? how long did it take or approvals or any reply from USCIS?
  4. snagit

    Delay in premium processing

    Hello dr_akt, Can you please update how long did it take for your H1B approval? Appreciate your response.
  5. Hello Sravanproddaturi, Can you please provide an update on your case? Is it approved now? In my case H1 to H4 COS (spouse) and H4 EAD are approved within 13 calendar days but H1B is still pending after 15 calendar days.
  6. Hello Scsvel, Can you please update if your case has been approved and how long did it take?
  7. Hello Jairinchi,Rahul... any thoughts please? Fyi- Vermont Processing Center.
  8. hello master346, How long did it take for your case approval?
  9. Hello Everyone, Below are the details: Premium Processing H1B Extension Received Date: 07/27 Spouse COS H1B to H4 Received date: 07/26 Spouse H4 EAD Received Date: 07/26. Spouse COS H1B to H4 & H4 EAD Approval Date: 08/09. (Aug 9th) H1B Extension Still Pending. Its really strange that COS & H4 EAD have been approved but H1B Extension is still pending. Really confused and not sure how long it will take for decision for H1B Extension. Did Anyone encountered same problem? or Any thoughts?
  10. Stamping in Vancouver on April 21 -- Successful Arrive only 15 mins before appointment time. Observation: After security check, you will be give a token number and will be asked to wait in the line where two officers will scan your photograph and check if your file exists in PIMS or not and based on that they will write on DS confirmation whether file exist in PIMS (will be highlighted with Yellow marker). PIMS (Petition immigration Management Service) that was introduced in May 2012 and if you haven't travel after 2012, then there is a chance that your file doesn't exists in PIMS. If Yes, then VO will ask all questions (from starting) so that you file will be created in PIMS. (this has happened in my case, I haven't travelled out of US for past 6 years). VO: who do you work for? XXXX VO: Have you paid for your H1B petition? No VO: Did your employer deduct any amount from your pay stubs for filing H1B? No VO: Did your employer sponsored for H1B petition? Yes VO: Do you work at your end client or employer location? End client location VO: Who is your end client? VO: did you work for only this client so far? VO: How long you have been with your employer? VO: where do you live? VO: How long you have been working at your client's location? VO: Can I see your W2's....last 2 years please. VO: Whats your salary? VO: Whats your highest level of education? VO: Which university? VO: Did you complete your bachelors in India? VO: Do you have Drivers license? Do you want to see it? VO: Yes Please. VO: looked at DL and said awesome. VO: Do you speak Telugu? VO: started speaking in telugu… After 2 mins…Visa is issued. It might take an extra day since system is slow. I have received my Passport on Thursday morning itself. Be confident, positive and answer to questions very carefully.
  11. Hello Visavancr, Could you please post VO questions and how many months of paystubs did VO verified/kept? Thanks.
  12. snagit

    Successful Stamping@Vancouver - March 3

    Hello preety84, Any updates on your passport?
  13. Hi rafa_n, vo: Asked paystubs,LCA,Recent w2, Drivers licence. me: he checked salary matching with w2 and address with DL. I am planning to go for H1B stamping and could you please let us know if VO is asking any further questions if salary amounts on Paystubs (and W2) is greater than LCA? Appreciate your help!
  14. snagit

    H1-B Stamping

    Hello K.K, Hope you are doing good. I am planning to go for first time H1B stamping (F1-H1B) to Canada (Vancouver) in the month of April. Could you please forward me list of documents and Q&A that you have collected from website.I would really appreciate your help. (Please find email address on my profile). Thanks
  15. snagit

    Processing time for NOS waiver - USCIS 2014

    Hello amendoz, did you get your receipt number from USCIS and did you file in premium processing? I have filed my H1B extension in premium processing and still waiting for the receipt number from USICS. It has been 8 business days now.